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1) This is because most Chinese companies keep to the bottom-up, the top-down and then bottom-up decision-making principle which involves many people at different levels. 这是因为大部分中国企业坚持垂直的管理模式/原则,这要涉及到很多层面上的很多人员

2) No one at corporate was asking the right questions. It was completely hands-off management, a runaway train.公司层面没有人在真正的管事,完全是放任自流的管理,是一匹脱缰的野马。

3) The new entrepreneurial culture encourages the "loose and tight" environment. That is to combine tight controls with max individual authority to allow entrepreneurship to flourish without the culture edging into chaos.新的企业文化提倡张弛有度的企业环境,也就是将严格的控管和最大限度的个人权限结合,从而使企业家精神/才能/创业精神能够充分发挥,同时企业文化也不至陷入混乱

1. 理解亚洲国家
1) 我们要学会如何理解陌生的文化习俗,礼仪规范 we shall learn to interpret different cultures, customs and etiquette patterns.

2) 作为企业的领导人,CEO必须能理解会计数据。As CEO of the company, you should interpret the accounting data.

3) 眼下由于SARS的肆虐,我们必须进行大规模的宣传教育,这样潜在病人就可以理解自己的症状。
given the SARS outbreak/epidemic/plague, we need to launch an educational campaign, thus the potential patients can interpret their symptoms. (latent 病情潜伏的)

2. 我们准备增进与亚洲和---合作we are /stand ready to step cooperation with Asian countries. (be prepared to do通常表示不好的,诸如我们不准备接受讨价还价we are not prepared for any counter-bid/bargaining)

1) 加强我们的相互信任和合作 build up our mutual trust and cooperation

3. 制定了相关的法律 make/formulate relevant laws

1) 出台了一系列措施put in place a set of measures;我们缺乏严格的法律监管we don't have powerful laws in place/we lack the supervision of powerful laws;加强执法step up law enforcement;有法必依the laws shall run the course)

2) 国家有关外资企业的法规the state laws and regulations concerning/governing foreign companies

我想借此机会介绍国家有关外资企业的法规I would love to say something about the state laws and regulations governing foreign companies;国际关系准则 principles concerning/governing international relations

I want to focus on the principles that underlie the relationship between New Zealand and the PRC.我想重点讲讲中新两国关系的知道原则。(dwell on sth—I have come here not to dwell on a closed door past我来中国不是为了强调闭关锁国的过去)

These are the underlying reasons for the success of our agricultural sector.这些才是我们农业部门取胜的深层次原因

4. 进行了重大的改革(政府换界governmental reshuffle;政府重组reorganization/transform governmental functions;国有企业的改组改造reorganization and technological upgrading)

1) 我公司正在进行重大的改革our company is undergoing big reforms/ a big restructuring

2) 优化出口商品结构rationalize the export mix

3) 沿线地区的能源结构,产业结构都会发生很大的变化the energy infrastructure facilities and industrial mix all along the pipe line will be greatly improved

5. 一体化中前进 make progress /forge ahead/march forward in integration

1) 亚太经合组织不断发展,东亚区域合作方兴未艾,上海合作组织顺利运转the APEC is making constant progress, regional cooperation in east Asia is developing in full swing/ running its course, shanghai cooperation organization is functioning smoothly

2) They are confident that its long-term prospects remain bright as the ultimate potential of the information age hasn't run its full course. 他们确信长远的发展前景依然明朗,因为信息时代方兴未艾。(信息时代最终前能的发挥还有些时日)

1, your Excellency

1) 阁下your honor/Excellency

2) 殿下your highness /Excellency

3) 陛下your majesty

2. thank you for you kind words感谢你热情洋溢的欢迎词

1) 感谢您的盛情款待/盛情邀请 thank you for your gracious hospitality and invitation

2) 借此机会,我想代表全团成员以及以我个人的名义向您表示由衷地感谢,感谢您为我们做出的特殊/周道的安排和盛情款待。On this occasion/taking this opportunity, I would love to, on behalf of all the members of my delegation/group and also in my own name, extend to you our sincere thanks/gratitude for your special arrangements and gracious hospitality.

3) 以经济建设为重点(优先发展经济),逐步拓展全方位合作 efforts should firstly be given to economic development and then extended to other areas/ we should center our efforts on economic growth and then extend into other areas/ we should give priority to economic growth and then extend our efforts to other areas.

立足现有的合作渠道,不断扩大合作范围(work from/optimize the existing channels, expand/extend to other areas)

卓有成效的引导国家在过去几十年打下的良好基础上,朝向新的高峰前进Working from the solid foundation laid in past decades, our Central leadership has taken us to even greater heightens.

  • chaosn. 混乱,无秩序,混沌
  • swingn. 摇摆,改变,冲力 v. 摇摆,旋转,动摇
  • campaignn. 运动,活动,战役,竞选运动 v. 从事运动,参加竞
  • ultimaten. 终极,根本,精华 adj. 终极的,根本的,极限的
  • latentadj. 潜伏的,潜在的 n. 隐约的指印,指纹
  • combinev. 结合,联合,使结合 n. 集团,联合企业,联合收割
  • foundationn. 基础,根据,建立 n. 粉底霜,基金会
  • opportunityn. 机会,时机
  • extendedadj. 延续的,广大的,扩大范围的 动词extend的
  • potentialadj. 可能的,潜在的 n. 潜力,潜能 n. 电位,