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纽约坐落在哈得孙河口译集密西西比河入海口的交汇处 NY city sits at the mouth of the Hudson river, where the Mississippi empties into the sea)
Shanghai sits at the middle point of china's coastal line, where the Yangtze river empties into the sea。 Adjacent to the prosperous shanghai downtown area, backed up by the populous and affluent Yangtze River delta, facing the developed pacific and ASEAN countries and regions. It boasts an ideal geographical location

4.沿途有大批的历史文物the silk road is dotted with /boasts/features a good wealth of cultural relics

面积46.7公顷的世界公园分为17处分景区,收集了亚,非,欧,南北美,以及大洋洲的主要名胜景点 the 46.7 hectare world park features /boasts 17 divisions, staging all the major scenic spots from Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

the auto industry's most fierce competition has been staged in china, the biggest virgin auto market in the world. 汽车工业最激烈的竞争已经在中国这个世界上最大的新兴市场上演

在我上大学的时候有一位研究东方文明的教授向我介绍了博大精深的儒道思想Back at my college, a professor of east civilization introduced me to the wealthy Confucianism and Daoism

大吃大喝历来是春节的主要内容,除了常见的海鲜,家禽和肉类外,人们还要按各自的地方习俗烹制一些传统菜肴Local customs also dictate the preparation and consumption of some traditional food. (完全可以用如下:lavish eating and drinking constitutes the major activity of spring festival, apart from the common sea food and poultry, people also cook some traditional dishes according to local customs. )

当风和日丽的时候举目远眺,佘山,金山,崇明到隐约可见。真有登泰山而小天下的感觉。On a fine and sunny day, the observation deck commands an indistinct view of the ---- in the distance. You will find the world below suddenly belittled.

The tourists will admire a wide range f unique and intriguing fauna and flora, a comfortable and sunny climate, and an interesting, cosmopolitan and friendly people 这里的珍禽异兽奇花异草无不让游客叹为观止,这里气候宜人,阳光明媚,这里的人民富有情趣,见识广博。

冬天,雪盖群峰松披霜,静观素雅,别有一番情趣。in winter, the snow capped peaks and frosted pine-trees stage quite a spectacle of particular interest.

Badaling rises 1000 meters above the sea level , lies in undulation and meanders off just like a dragon with imposing magnificence.

钱江大桥净空高达40米,万吨油轮畅通其下Qianjiang river bridge stands 40 meters above the water and offers easy passage/navigation for 10,000-ton ships

莫斯科的地铁深入地下几百米,在高雅油画和装饰的衬托下更像一个博物馆 The subway/metro system of Moscow goes down 100 meters under the ground and impresses tourists more like a museum with the fine paintings and decorations.

整个布局手法巧妙,气魄雄伟,是集我国造园艺术之大成 the layout is skillful and magnificent. It incorporates/combines the strengths of china’s garden building art.

上海奥特因中心那田园式的环境,优雅静谧,颇有欧美乡村情调,是旅游度假或商住的理想场所。Enveloped in elegant, peaceful and pastoral surroundings, flavored with a European and American country impression, --- offers an ideal choice for

南京卧虎藏龙Nanjing is known as a land of attractive resources and magical power and a birth place of creative and gifted minds.

6.少数民族 ethnic minorities
少数民族风味餐馆 ethnic restaurants
职业道德 Work/professional ethic

7. 如天方夜谭一般神奇 sounds exotic and amazing .

中国地大物博,游人无不叹为观止 tourists will surely admire/ marvel at the vast expanse and abundant resources of china.

赞叹黄山的魅力 marvel at the charms of huangshan mountains .

上海已经建成了具有一定规模和相当影响力的比较完整的金融市场体系,包括证券市场,外汇市场,保险市场,金银买卖市场 shanghai has established a relatively complete financial market with some size and influence, including a stock market, a foreign exchange market, an insurance market and a bullion(gold and silver)-trading market

Shanghai has established a financial institution system with the central bank as the head, state owned commercial banks as the body and other financial organizations developing together.

也意味着国际社会启动了经济发展和社会进步的新时期.it also marks a new era of economic development and social progress for the international community.

加入世贸组织是中国对外开放的一个新起点,我们将在更大的范围和更深的程度上参与国际经济合作和竞争。China’s WTO entry marks a new starting point /a new horizon/ a new height in china’s reform and opening up course. We will participate international economic cooperation and competition extensively and intensively

当今世界竞争纷纷,技术革新对一个企业来说至关重要(in today’s world of intensified competition, technological innovation means everything to a company)或者in today’s world , there is much competition and innovation means everything for a company.

南京发达的交通以及网络软件是创业的好地方 with its advanced/desirable superhighway and future highway, Nanjing offers an ideal choice for business start-up

当然说道硬件软件的时候也可以借代这样的结构,最好的是infrastructure facilities and supporting services.

a third decisive factor is the vital role of venture capitalists who willingly support promising start-ups with urgently needed initial capital to get them started. 第三个决定性因素是风险资本家所扮演的重要角色,他们愿意支持前途看好的创业者,向他们提供急需的第一笔资金,迈出第一步。(start-up可以指创业,创新企业,创业者)

the valley's professionals are among the most hardworking people anywhere, especially during the start-up stage. 硅谷的人才是世界上最勤劳的人,尤其是创业期间。

8 million is more than a lucky number, it is quite good for the start-up of a joint venture.

新型企业an emerging/growth company

Iraq is an emerging market. a virgin market新兴市场

Thank you for inviting me to talk about the emerging biological revolution. 感谢你邀请我来谈谈即将到来的生物技术革命

  • marveln. 奇异的事物,罕见的例子 v. 惊异于,惊异
  • affluentadj. 富裕的 n. 支流
  • pastoraladj. 田园的,宁静的,牧人的,牧师的 n. 田园诗,
  • exchangen. 交换,兑换,交易所 v. 交换,兑换,交易
  • stockn. 存货,储备; 树干; 血统; 股份; 家畜 adj
  • jointadj. 联合的,共同的,合资的,连带的 n. 关节,接
  • rangen. 范围,行列,射程,山脉,一系列 v. 排列,归类于
  • exoticadj. 异国的,外来的,奇异的,脱衣舞的 n. (复数
  • cooperationn. 合作,协作
  • vastadj. 巨大的,广阔的 n. 浩瀚的太空