日期:2014-11-21 15:45


  Surveys show that more people get the news by watching television than by reading the newspaper. Think about whether TV news shows are adequate as a person's only source of news. Write an essay of about 250 words that details your thoughts.
  Television news shows are dramatic and interesting. Watching them is pleasant and does not require the effort of reading. If television did not cover the news, some people would know nothing about what is going on in the world.
  However, television newscasters cover only the events that they have time for, and they prefer stories that include some dramatic pictures. Viewers are quickly bored with reporters who sit and talk into the camera. As a result, a complicated story is often cut short.
  Newspapers and magazines do a better job of explaining complex events. They can include details, and a person with a special interest can take the time to read them. Others can stick to the headlines.
  Reading allows more freedom of choice than television. The TV audience cannot decide which stories to watch. In broadcasting, "one size fits all". However, a person who reads newspapers and magazines can choose to spend time on business, sports, health, or the school board election, depending on special interests.
  Television provides a useful glance at what's happening. However, a person who has individual interests and who wants the whole story needs newspapers and magazines as well.

  • sourcen. 发源地,来源,原始资料
  • stickn. 枝,杆,手杖 vt. 插于,刺入,竖起 vi. 钉
  • electionn. 选举
  • glancev. 一瞥,扫视,匆匆一看,反光,闪烁,掠过 n. 一瞥
  • complicatedadj. 复杂的,难懂的 动词complicate的过去
  • adequateadj. 足够的,适当的,能胜任的
  • dramaticadj. 戏剧性的,引人注目的,给人深刻印象的 dram
  • complexadj. 复杂的,复合的,合成的 n. 复合体,综合体,