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Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the saying“If you cannot do great things,do small things in a great way.’’You can cite examples to illustrate your point of view.You should write at least l50 words but no more than 200 words.
  Section A
  Directions:In this section,you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations.At the end of each conversation,one or,more questions will be asked about what was said.Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once.After each question there will be a pause.During the pause,you must read the four choices marked A.,B.,C.and D.,and decide which is the best answer.Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet,with a single line through the centre.

1.A.The man might be able to play in the World Cup.
B.The man’s football career seems to be at an end.
C.The man was operated on a few weeks a90.
D.The man is a fan of world.famous football players.
2.A.Work out a plan to tighten his budget.
B.Find out the opening hours of the cafeteria.
C.Apply for a senior position in the restaurant.
D.Solve his problem by doing a part.time job.
3.A.A financial burden.
B.A good companion.
C.A real nuisance.
D.A well.trained pet.
4.A.The errors will be corrected soon.
B.The woman was mistaken herself.
C.The computing system is too complex.
D.He has called the woman several times.
5.A.He needs help to retrieve his files.
B.He has to type his paper once more.
C.He needs some time to polish his paper.
D.He will be away for a tw0—week conference.
6.A.They might have to change their plan.
B.He has got everything set for their trip.
C.He has a heavier workload than the woman.
D.They could stay in the mountains until June 8.
7.A.They have to wait a month to apply for a student loan.
B.They can find the application forms in the brochure.
C.They are not eligible for a student loan.
D.They are not late for a loan application.
8.A.New laws are yet to be made to reduce pollutant release.
B.Pollution has attracted little attention from the public.
C.The quality of air will surely change for the better.
D.It’Il take years to bring air pollution under control.

Questions 9 t0 12 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
9.A.Enormous size of its stores.
B.Numerous varieties of food.
C.Its appealing surroundings.
D.Its rich and colorful history.
10.A.An ancient buildin9.
B.A world of antiques.
C.An Egyptian museum.
D.An Egyptian memorial.
11.A.Its power bill reaches£9 million a year.
B.It sells thousands of light bulbs a day.
C.It supplies power to a nearby town.
D.It generates 70%of the electricity it uses.
12.A.11 500.
B.30 000.
C.250 000.
D.300 000.

Questions 13 t0 15 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
13.A.Transferring to another department.
B.Studying accounting at a university.
C.Thinking about doing a different job.
D.Making preparations for her weddin9.
14.A.She has finally got a promotion and a pay raise.
B.She has got a satisfactory job in another company.
C.She could at last leave the accounting department.
D.She managed to keep her position in the company.
15.A.He and Andrea have proved to be a perfect match.
B.He changed his mind about marriage unexpectedly.
C.He declared that he would remain single all his life.
D.He would marry Andrea even without meeting her.

Section B
  Directions:In this section.you will hear 3 short passages.Af the end of each passage.you will hear some questions.Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once.After you hear a question,you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A.,B.,C.and D..Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet T with a single line through the centre.

Passage One
Questions l6 t0 19 are based on the passage you have just heard.
16.A.They are motorcycles designated for water sports.
B.They are speedy boats restricted in narrow waterways.
C.They are becoming an efficient form of water transportation.
D.They are getting more popular as a means of water recreation.
17.A.Water scooter operators’lack of experience.
B.Vacationers’disregard of water safety rules.
C.Overloading of small boats and other craft.
D.Carelessness of people boating along the shore.
18.A.They scare whales to death.
B.They produce too much noise.
C.They discharge toxic emissions.
D.They endanger lots of water life.
19.A.Expand operating areas.
B.Restrict operating hours.
C.Limit the use of water scooters.
D.Enforce necessary regulations.

Passage Two
Questions 20 t0 22 are based on the passage you have just heard.
20.A.They are stable.
B.They are close.
C.They are strained.
D.They are changin9.
21.A.They are fully occupied with their own business.
B.Not many of them stay in the same place for lon9.
C.Not many of them can win trust from their neighbors.
D.They attach less importance to interpersonal relations.
22.A.Count on each other for help.
B.Give each other a cold shoulder.
C.Keep a friendly distance.
D.Build a fence between them.

Passage Three
Questions 23 t0 25 are based on the passage you have just heard.
23.A.It may produce an increasing number of idle youngsters.
B.It may affect the quality of higher education in America.
C.It may cause many schools to go out of operation.
D.It may lead to a lack of properly educated workers.
24.A.It l:5 iess serlotls in cities than tn rural areas.
B.It affects both junior and senior high schools.
C.It results from a worsening economic climate.
D.It is a new challenge facing American educators.
25.A. Allowing them to choose their favorite teachers.
B.Creating a more relaxed learning environment.
C.Rewarding excellent academic performance.
D.Helping them to develop better study habits.
  Section C
  Directions:In this section,you will hear a passage three times.When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully for its general idea.When the passage is read for the second time,you are required to fill in the blanks with the exact words you have just heard.Finally,when the passage is read for the third time,you should check what you have written.
  I'm interested in the criminal justice system of our country.It seems to me that something has to be done,if we’re to(26) as a country.I certainly don’t know what the answers to our problems are. Things certainly get (27) in a hurry when you get into them,but l wonder if something couldn’t be done to deal with some of these problems.One thing I'm concerned about is our practice of putting(28)in jail who haven’t harmed anyone.Why not work out some system whereby they can pay back the debts they owe society instead of (29)another debt by going to prison and,of course,coming‘30 hardened criminals.I'm also concerned about the short prison sentences people are (31)serious crimes.Of course one alternative to this is to(32)capital punishment,but I'm not sure l would be for that.I'm not sure it’s right to take an eye for an eye.The alternative to capital punishment is longer sentences。but they would certainly cost the tax payers much money.I also think we must do something about the insanity(33).In my opinion,anyone who takes another person’s life (34)is insane,however,that does not mean that the person isn’t guilty of the crime,or that he shouldn’t pay society the debt he owes.It’s sad,of course,that a person may have to spend the rest of his life,or a large part of it in prison for acts that he (35) while not in full control of his mind.
Section A选词填空
  Section A
  Directions:In this section,there is a passage with ten blanks.You are required to select one word for each blank#om a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage.Read the passage through carefully before making your choices.Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter.Please mark the corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.You may not use any of the words in the barnk more than once.
  Questions 36 t0 45 are based on the following passage.
  Travel websites have been around since the l990s,when Expedia,Travelocity,and other holiday booking sites were launched,allowing travelers to compare flight and hotel prices with the click of a Inouse.With information no longer (36)by travel.agents or hidden in business networks,the travel industry was revolutionized,as greater transparency helped 37 prices.
  Today.the industry is going through a new revolution--this time transforming service quality.Online rating platforms(38) in hotels,restaurants,apartments,and taxis--allow travelers to exchange reviews and experiences for all to see Hospitalit)."businesses are now ranked,analyzed,and compared not by industry(39),but by the very people for whom the service is intended--the customer.This has 40 a new relationship
  between buyer and seller. Customers have always voted with their feet; they can now explain their decision to anyone who is interested. As a result, businesses are much more(41 ), often in very specific ways, which creates powerful(42) to improve service.
Although some readers might not care for gossipy reports of unfriendly bellboys (行李员 ) in Berlin or malfunctioning hotel hairdryers in Houston, the true power of online reviews lies not just in the individual stories, but in the websites(43)to aggregate a large volume of ratings.
The impact cannot be(44 ) Businesses that attract top ratings can enjoy rapid growth, as new customers are attracted by good reviews and (45 ) provide yet more positive feedback. So great is the influence of online ratings that many companies now hire digital reputation managers to ensure a favorable online identity.

B. capacity
C. controlled
D. entail
E) forged
F) incentives
G) occasionally
H) overstated
I) persisting
J) pessimistic
K) professionals
L) slash
M) specializing
N) spectators
O) subsequently
Section B段落匹配
  Section B
  Directions: In this section, you are going to read a passage with ten statements attached to it. Each statement contains information given in one of the paragraphs. Identify the paragraph from which the information is derived. You may choose a paragraph more than once. Each paragraph is marked with a letter. Answer the questions by marking the corresponding letter on ,Answer Sheet 2.

  Plastic Surgery
  A better credit card is the solution to ever larger hack attacks
  A. A thin magnetic strip (magstripe) is all that stands between your credit-card information and the bad guys. And they've been working hard to break in. That's why 2014 is shaping up as a major showdown: banks, law enforcement and technology companies are all trying to stop a network of hackers who are succeeding in stealing account numbers, names, email addresses and other crucial data used in identity theft. More than 100 million accounts at Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels stores were affected in some way during the most recent attacks, starting last November.
  B. Swipe (刷卡 ) is the operative word: cards are increasingly vulnerable to attacks when you make purchases in a store. In several recent incidents, hackers have been able to obtain massive information of credit-, debit- (借记) or prepaid-card numbers using malware, i.e. malicious software, inserted secretly into the retailers' point-of-sale system--the checkout registers. Hackers then sold the data to a second group of criminals operating in shadowy corners of the web. Not long after, the stolen data was showing up on fake cards and being used for online purchases.
  C. The solution could cost as little as $2 extra for every piece of plastic issued. The fix is a security technology used heavily outside the US. While American credit cards use the 40-year-old magstripe technology to process transactions, much of the rest of the world uses smarter cards with a technology called EMV (short for Europay, MasterCard, VisA. that employs a chip embedded in the card plus a customer PIN (personal identification number~ to authenticate (验证) every transaction on the spot. If a purchaser fails to punch in the correct PIN at the checkout, the transaction gets rejected. (Online purchases can be made by setting up a separate transaction code. )
  D. Why haven't big banks adopted the more secure technology? When it comes to mailing out new credit cards, it's all about relative costs, says David Robertson, who runs the Nilson Report, an industry newsletter. "The cost of the card, putting the sticker on it, coding the account number and expiration date, embossing (凸印) it, the small envelope--all put together, you're in the dollar range." A chip- and.PrN card currently costs closer to$3,says Robertson,because of the price of chips.(Once large issuers convert together,the chip costs should drop.)
  E. Multiply S3 by the more than 5 billion magstripe credit and prepaid cards in circulation in the US. Then consider that there’s an estimated$12.4 billion in card fraud on a global basis,says Robertson. With 44eo of that in the US,American credit.card fraud amounts to about$5.5 billion annually.Card issuers have so far calculated that absorbing the liability for even big hacks like the Target one is still cheaper than replacing all that plastic.
  F. That leaves American retailers pretty much alone the world over in relying on magstripe technology to charge purchases--and leaves consumers vulnerable.Each magstripe has three tracks of information, explains payments security expert Jeremy Gumbley,the chief technology officer of CreditCall,an electronic.payments company.The first and third are used by the bank or card issuer.Your vital account information lives on the second track,which hackers try to capture.“Malware is scanning through the memory in real time and looking for data.”he says.“It creates a text file that gets stolen.’’
  G. Chip-and—PIN cards,by contrast,make fake cards or skimming impossible because the information that gets scanned is encrypted(加密).The historical reason the US has stuck with magstripe, ironically enough.is once superior technology.Our cheap,ultra·reliable wired networks made credit- card authentication over the phone frictionless.In France,card companies created EMV in part because the telephone monopoly was so maddeningly inefficient and expensive.The EMV solution allowed transactions to be verified locally and securely.
  H. Some big banks,like Wells Far90,are now offering to convert your magstripe card to a chip—and-PIN model.(It’s actually a hybrid(混合体)that will still have a magstripe,since most US merchants don’t have EMV terminals.)Should you take them up on it?If you travel internationally,the answer is yes.
  I. Keep in mind,t00,that credit cards typically have better liability protection than debit cards.If someone uses your credit card fraudulently(欺诈性地),it's the issuer or merchant,not you,that takes the hit.Debit cards have different liability limits depending on the bank and the events surrounding any fraud.“If it’s available。the logical thing is to get a chip·and-PIN card from your bank.”says Eric Adamowsky。a c0.founder of CreditCardlnsider.eom.“l would use credit cards over debit cards because of liability issues.”Cash still works pretty well t00.
  J. Retailers and banks stand to benefit from the lower fraud levels of chip-and-PIN cards but have been reluctant for years to invest in the new infrastructure(基础设施)needed for the technology, especially if consumers don’t have access to it.It’s a chicken-and-egg problem..no one wants to spend the money on upgraded point.of.sale systems that can read the chip cards if shoppers aren 7t carrying them——vet there’s little point in consumers’carrying the fancy plastic if stores aren’t equipped to use them.(An earlier effort by Target to move to chip and PIN never gained progress.)According to Gumbley.there’s a“you.first mentality.The logjam(僵局)has to be broken.”
  K. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently expressed his willingness to do s0,noting that banks and merchants have spent the past decade suing each other over interchange fees--the percentage of the transaction price they keep—rather than deal with the growing hacking problem.Chase offers a chip- enabled card under its own brand and several others for travel.related companies such as British Airways and Ritz—Carlton.
  L. The Target and Neiman hacks have also changed the cost calculation:although retailers have been reluctant to spend the$6.75 billion that Capgemini consultants estimate it will take to convert all their registers to be chip-and.PIN.compatible,the potential liability they now face is dramatically greater. Target has been hit with class actions from hacked consumers.“It’s the ultimate nightmare,’’a retail executive from a well.known chain admitted to TIME.
M)111e card.payment companies MasterCard and Visa are pushing hard for change.The two firms have warned all parties in the transaction chain--merchant,network,bank that if they don’t become EMV—compliant by October 2015,the party that is least compliant will bear the fraud risk.
  N. In the meantime,app-equipped smartphones and digital wallets--all of which can use EMV technology—are beginning to make inroads(侵袭)on cards and cash.PayPal,for instance,is testing an app that lets you use your mobile phone to pay on the fly at local merchants--without surrendering any card information to them.And further down the road is biometric authentication, which could be encrypted with,say,a fingerprint.
  O. Credit and debit cards,though,are going to be with us for the foreseeable future,and so are hackers, if we stick with magstripe technology.“It seems crazy to me,”says Gumbley,who is English,“that a cuttin9。edge‘technology country is depending on a 40·year-old technology.”That’s why it may be up to consumers to move the needle on chip and PIN.Says Robertson:“When you get the consumer into a position of worry and inconvenience,that’s where the rubber hits the road.”

46.It is best to use an EMV card for international travel.
47.Personal information on credit and debit cards is increasingly vulnerable to hackin9.
48.The French card companies adopted EMV technology partly because of inefficient telephone service.
49.While many countries use the smarter EMV cards,the US still clings to its old magstripe technologv.
50.Attempts are being made to prevent hackers from carrying out identity theft.
51.Credit cards are much safer to use than debit cards.
52.Big banks have been reluctant to switch to more secure technology because of the higher costs involved.
53.The potential liability for retailers using magstripe is far more costly than upgrading their registers.
54.The use of magstripe cards by American retailers leaves consumers exposed to the risks of losing account information.
55.Consumers will be a driving force behind the conversion from magstripe to F_.MV technology.
Section C仔细阅读
  Section C
  Directions:There are 2 passages in this section.Each passage is follm,rd by some questions or unfinished statements.For each of them there are four choices marked A.,B.,C.and D..You should decide Dn the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

  Passage One
  Questions 56 t0 60 are based on the following passage.
  The report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was just as gloomy as anticipated.Unemployment in January jumped to a l6一year high of 7.6 percent,as 598 000 jobs were slashed from US payrolls in the worst single-month decline since December,1974.With l.8 million iobs lost in the last three months. there is urgent desire to boost the economy as quickly as possible.But Washington would do well to take a deep breath before reacting to the grim numbers.
  Collectively,we rely on the unemployment figures and other statistics to frame our sense of reality. They are a vital part of an array of data that we use to assess if we’re doing well or doing badly,and that in turn shapes government policies and corporate budgets and personal spending decisions.The problem is that the statistics aren’t an objective measure of reality;they are simply a best approximation. Directionally,they capture the trends,but the idea that we know precisely how many are unemployed is a myth.That makes finding a solution all the more difficult.
  First,there is the way the data is assembled.The official unemployment rate is the product of a telephone survey of about 60 000 homes.There is another survey,sometimes referred to as the“payroll survey,”that assesses 400 000 businesses based on their reported payrolls.Both surveys have problems. The payroll survey can easily double-count someone:if you are one person with two jobs,you show up as two workers.The payroll survey also doesn’t capture the number of self.employed,and so says little about how many people are generating an independent income.
  The household survey has a larger problem.When asked straightforwardly,people tend to lie orshade the truth when the subject is sex,money or employment.If you get a call and are asked if you’re employed.and you say yes,you’re employed.If you say n0,however,it may surprise you to learn that.You are only unemployed if you’ve been actively looking for work in the past four weeks;otherwise,you are。marginally attached to the labor force”and not actually unemployed.
  11le urge to quantify is embedded in our society.But the idea that statisticians can then capture an objective realin-im’t just impossible.It also leads to serious misjudgments.Democrats and Republicans can and、“U take sides on a number of issues,but a more crucial concern is that both are basing major poticy decisions on guesstimates rather than looking at the vast wealth of raw data with a critical eye and an open mind.

56.What d0 we learn from the first paragraph?
A.1me US economic situation is going from bad to worse.
B.Washington is taking drastic measures to provide more jobs.
C.111e US government is slashing more jobs from its payrolls.
D.The recent economic crisis has taken the US by surprise.
57.、Ⅳhat does the author think of the unemployment figures and other statistics?
A.They form a solid basis for policy makin9.
B.The.y represent the current situation.
C.They signal future economic trend.
D.They do not fully reflect the reality.
58.One problem with the payroll survey is that________.
A.it does not include all the businesses
B.it fails to count in the self—employed
C.it magnifies the number of the jobless
D.it does not treat all companies equally
59.111e household survey can be faulty in that_________.
A)people tend to lie when talking on the phone
B.not everybody is willing or ready to respond
C.some people won’t provide truthful information
D.the definition of unemployment is too broad
60.At the end of the passage,the author suggests that_______.
A.statisticians improve their data assembling methods
B.decision makers view the statistics with a critical eye
C.politicians listen more before making policy decisions
D.Democrats and Republicans cooperate on crucial issues

  Passage Two
  Questions 61 t0 65 are based on the following passage.
  At some point in 2008,someone,probably in either Asia or Africa,made the decision to move from the countryside to the city.This nameless person pushed the human race over a historic threshold,for it was in that year that mankind became,for the first time in its history,a predominantly urban species.
  It is a trend that shows no sign of slowin9.Demographers(人口统计学家)reckon that three—quarters of humanity could be city-dwelling by 2050,with most of the increase coming in the fast-growing towns of Asia and Africa.Migrants to cities are attracted by plentiful jobs,access to hospitals and education,and the ability to escape the boredom of a farmer’s agricultural life.Those factors are more than enough to make up for the squalor(肮脏),disease and spectacular poverty that those same migrants must often at first endure when they become urban dwellers.
   It is the city that inspires the latest book from Peter Smith.His main thesis is that the buzz of urban life.and the opportunities it offers for co-operation and collaboration,is what attracts people to the city, which in turn makes cities into the engines of art,commerce,science and progress.This is hardly revolutionaD-.tmt it is presented in a charming format.Mr.Smith has written a breezy guidebook,with a series of short chapters dedicated to specific aspects of urbanity--parks,say,or the various schemes that
  have been put forward over the years for building the perfect city.The result is a sort of high.qfuah巧. tmttsually rigorous coffee-table book,designed to be dipped into rather than read from beginning to end. In the chapter on skyscrapers,for example,Mr.Smith touches on construction methods.the revolutionary invention of the automatic lift,the practicalities of living in the sky and the likelihood that. as cities become more crowded,apartment living will become the norm.But there is also time for brief diversions onto bizarre ground,such as a discussion of the skyscraper index(which holds that a boom in skyscraper construction is a foolproof sign of an imminent recession).
  One obvious criticism is that the price of breadth is depth;many of Mr.Smith’s essays raise as many questions as they answer.Although that can indeed be frustratin9,this is probably the only way to treat so grand a topic.The city is the building block of civilisation and of almost everything people d0;a guidelx)ok to the city is really,therefore,a guidebook to how a large and ever—growing chunk of humanity chooses to live.Mr.Smith’s book serves as an excellent introduction to a vast subject,and will suggest plenty of further lines of inquiry.

61.In what way is the year 2008 historic?
A.For the first time in history,urban people outnumbered rural people.
B.An influential figure decided to move from the countryside to the city.
C.It is in this year that urbanisation made a start in Asia and Africa.
D.The population increase in cities reached a new peak in Asia and Africa.
62.What does the author say about urbanisation?
A.Its impact is not easy to predict.
B.Its process will not slow down.
C.It is a milestone in human progress.
D.It aggravates the squalor of cities.
63.How does the author comment on Peter Smith’s new book?
A.It is but an ordinary coffee—table book.
B.It is flavoured with humourous stories.
C.It serves as a guide to arts and commerce.
D.It is written in a lively and interesting style.
64.What does the author say in the chapter on skyscrapers?
A.The automatic lift is indispensable in skyscrapers.
B.People enjoy living in skyscrapers with a view.
C.Skyscrapers are a sure sign of a city’s prosperity.
D.Recession closely follows a skyscraper boom.
65.What may be one criticism of Mr.Smith’s book?
A)It does not really touch on anything serious.
B.It is too long for people to read from cover to cover.
C.It does not deal with any aspect of city life in depth.
D.It fails to provide sound advice to city dwellers.
Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage#om Chinese into English.You should write your atlswer on Answer Sheet 2.

汉朝是中国历史上最重要的朝代之一。汉朝统治期间有很多显著的成就。它最先向其他文化敞开大门,对外贸易兴旺。汉朝开拓的丝绸之路通向了中西亚乃至罗马。各类艺术一派繁荣,涌现了很多文学、历史、哲学巨著。公元l00年中国第一部字典编撰完成,收入9 000个字,提供释义并列举不同的写法:英间,科技方面也取得了很大进步,发明了纸张、水钟、日晷(sundials)以及测量地震的仪器。汉朝历经400年,但统治者的腐败最终导致了它的灭亡。
  Section A 参考答案
  1. A)【精析】综合理解题。男士告诉女士自己不用做手术了,几周后有可能就可以像以前那样踢足球了;女士回答说,如果男士能在举行世界杯时恢复健康 就好了。可见男士有可能参加世界杯比赛。 terrific在口语中指“很好,太棒了”;in shape意为 “处于良好状态”。
  2. D)【精析】请求建议题。男士表示他这个学期的预算 已经用光了,需要去赚钱;女士使用Why not…句 式建议男士去市场街的新餐厅打听一下,她认为那里仍有合适的空缺岗位。换句话说,女士建议男士 去做一份兼职工作来赚钱。
  3. C.【精析】观点态度题。男士询问女士与小猫相处得 如何:女士说它一点也不听话,而且经常打翻食物,还到处掉毛,简直让人无法忍受。可见女士非常讨厌这只小猫:nuisance意为“令人厌烦的人或东西”:
  4. A)【精析】语义理解题:女士告诉男士(教授)她认为 自己的分数有误;男士回答他已接到好几个反映此问题的电话了.估计是计算机系统出了毛病,并表示错误会在几个小时内得到纠正。straighten out意为“改正.解决.处理”:
  5. B)【精析】目的原因题。男士即将打完的论文因电脑出故障而丢失文件,所以他向教授申请多给一天时间重新打出来。由此可见,男士不能按时交论文是因为电脑出现故障,要重新打。wipe out意为“抹去,消除”;retrieve意为“重新得到,恢复”。
  6. A)【精析】弦外之音题。女士告诉男士出行计划:6月1号出发去山区.并在那里野营一周;男士回答说,他的课程一直到8号才能结束。可见,他们不得不改变计划。
  8. C)【精析】观点态度题。女士对工厂向空气中排放污染物感到气愤,问男士这种情况是否能得到控制;男士回答说,随着新法律的实施和社会意识的增强,这种局面一定能够得到扭转。可见,男士持乐观态度,认为空气质量能够得到改善。turn around 意为“好转.扭转,有起色”。

  9. B)【精析】细节辨认题。女士询问男士食品大厅有什么特别之处.男士说那里出售很多不同种类的食品,B的内容与此一致。
  10. A)【精析】推理判断题。女士询问男士为什么埃及大厅非常出名;男士回答说,当人们看到它时,会感觉进入了另外一个世界,它看起来就像4 000多年前的古埃及建筑。
  11. D)【精析】推理判断题。女士问男士哈罗兹自己发电的说法是否属实,男士表示确有此事,并解释说哈罗兹自己的发电量占到总用电量的70%。
  12. B)【精析】时间数字题。女士询问哈罗兹商场平均每天有多少顾客光临,男士明确回答说大约3万 人。D有很强的干扰性,通过听下文可知30万是商场降价时的人数。

  13. C.【精析】细节推断题。在对话中,男士询问女士最近在忙着做什么,并回忆说上次碰见她时,她正忙着找工作;女士纠正说,她不是在找工作,而是在考虑换工作。
  14. A)【精析】目的原因题。对话中女士提到,对于原来那份工作.缝一直期待着能够得到晋升.当真正得到晋升时女士感觉很欣慰。因此,女士感到欣慰的原因是她升职加薪了。
  15. B)【精析】目的原因题:男士告诉女士他马上要结婚了.女士感到很惊讶.因为男士曾说过他一辈子不结婚:可见.女士感到惊讶是因为男士对婚姻的看法发生了出人意斟的转变。

  Section B 参考答案
  16. D)【精析】推理判断题:短文开头对水上孽托车进行了介绍.提到它正越来越受欢迎.接着指出水上摩托车是一种致命的水上娱乐方式:综合可知水上摩托车作为一种水上娱乐方式深受欢迎。
  17. A)【精析】细节推断题。短文中提到.许多水上摩托车的操作人员缺乏操作经验,并且无视航海规定这就使发生事故的可能性大大增加。结合选项 A)为其中的原因之一。
  18. B)【精析】细节推断题。短文中提到,水上摩托车是一种环境公害,之后进行了解释:海滩上的居民埋 怨其噪音,随后又提到噪音甚至吓跑一种前往夏威夷繁殖后代的濒临灭绝的鲸鱼。由此可起.水上摩托车产生了太多噪音从而影响了环境:
  19. D)【精析】推理判断题。针对水上摩托车产生为众多问题.短文在结尾处提出建议.如设定最小驾龄、限定驾驶水域及学习水上安全的必修课程等:结合四个选项,仅有D)表述正确。

  20. D)【精析】事实细节题。对于现在的邻里关系,文中明确提到,我们与邻居的关系正在发生变化。
  21. B)【精析】目的原因题。文中提到,不超过一半的美国人在一个地方的居住时间超过五年,很难建立深厚的邻里友谊,所以这也是人们很难喜欢邻居的原因之一。B)是对此句的简短概括。
  22. C)【精析】事实细节题。对于处理邻里关系,短文在结尾处提出了建议:最佳的邻里关系是保持一种友好的距离;C)是对该意思的同义转述。

  23. D)【精析】目的原因题。短文开头就提到学生辍学率不断提高所带来的不良影响:会导致将来缺乏具有适当教育水平的社会劳动力,该结果也正是许多美国人担心此事的主要原因。
  24. B)【精析】综合理解题。对于美国学生辍学这一问 题,文中提到辍学现象不是开始于高中,而是在初中就已经出现了。换句话说,辍学现象对初、高中都产生了影响。
  25. What is mentioned as one of the strategies used to motivate students?

  Section C 参考答案
  26. survive【精析】语义推断题。分析句子结构可知,空格处应该填入一个动词(词组),与空格前的不定式符号to构成不定式结构。结合录音填入survive,意为。幸存.活下来”
  28.offenders【精析】语义推断题。分析句子结构可知,空格处 应该填入一个名词(词组)作puttin9的宾语。空格后wh0引导的定语从句是对空格处名词的进一步解释.意为“没有伤害到他人的人”。结合录音填入0ffenders,意为“犯罪者”。
  29.incurring【精析】语义推断题。分析句子结构可知,空格处应该填入名词或动名词作介词短语instead of的宾语。结合录音填入incurrin9,incur a debt意为“欠债”。
  30.under the influence of【精析】习惯搭配题。分析句子结构可知,空格处应填入一个介词结构连接空格前的comin9以及c)【精析】细节推断题。短文最后论述了解决辍学问题的办法。在高中,对学生的激励政策包括奖励学习优秀的学生,或者指定每月的奖学金获得 者,或者发放衣服。空格后的hardened criminals。结合录音填入 under the influence of,意为。在……的影响下”。
  31.serving for【精析】习惯搭配题。由空格前的are以及空格后 的serious crimes推测,空格处应填入一个动词(词组)的分词形式。结合录音填入serving for意为“服役,服刑”。
  32.restore【精析】句意推断题。分析句子结构可知,空格处应该填入一个动词(词组),与其前的不定式符号t0构 成不定式结构。结合录音填入restore,意为“恢复”。
  35.committed【精析】语境同现题。分析句子结构可知,that引 导的定语从句缺少谓语成分。结合录音填入committed,意为“犯罪,做错事”。

  37.【考点】动词辨析题。L)【语法判断】该空格位于动词helped之后,名词prices之前,据此判断应填入动词原形,构成help do sth.的结构。【语义判断】由第一段首句可知,游客可以在旅游 网站上比较航班和酒店的价格,也就是说,旅游网站可以帮助游客选择报价更低的航班和酒店。结合备选项,slash“大幅度削减”符合题意。
  38.【考点】动词辨析题。M)【语法判断】空格位于后置定语中,用来补充说明在线评价平台涉及的领域,故应填入现在分词,且能与in构成固定搭配。【语义判断】备选动词中,表示“涉及”且能与in搭配的现在分词只有specializin9“专门从事”,故为答案:specialize in为固定搭配,意为“专攻”。
  40.【考点】动词辨析题。E)【语法判断】空格位于has之后,宾语a new relationship之前,据此判断应填入过去分词。【语义判断】由宾语a new relationship可知,所填动词应该表示“建立,构建”等意思。备选动词中,forged“形成,缔造”符合题意,故为答案。
  41.【考点】形容词辨析题。A)【语法判断】由空格前的are much more可以推断应填入形容词。【语义判断】结合后半句中的powerful和improve service可知,空格处应填表示积极意义的形容词。备选形容词中,符合要求的只有accountable“负有责任的”,故为答案。
  42.【考点】名词辨析题。F)【语法判断】该空格位于形容词powerful之后.动词不定式to improve之前,据此判断应填人名词。【语义判断】根据上下文推断,在线评价这种方式 对旅游业改进服务起到了促进作用。备选名词中.符合该语境的只有incentives“刺激,动力”,故为答案:
  44.【考点】动词辨析题。H)【语法判断】该空格位于be动词之后,可填入形容词或者动词的过去分词。【语义判断】最后一段第二、三句主要讲述好评价的重要作用,故空格所在句也应该是讲好评价的重要性。备选词中.overstated“夸张,夸大”符合文意,故为答案。cannot be overstated意为“再夸张也不为过”。
  45.【考点】副词辨析题。o)【语法判断】该空格位于动词provide之前,而且即使去掉该空格。也不会影响到句意.因此推断此 处应填入副词。【语义判断】由空格所在句中的900d reviews和 more positive feedback可知,所填入的副词应能 体现出时间先后顺序。备选副词中.subsequently“随后,接着”符合文意,故为答案。

  46.【定位】由题干中的international travel定位到H)段最后一句。H)【精析】同义转述题。H)段首句指出,一些大银行正主动为客户提供将磁条卡转换为芯片加密码卡的服务。随后采用设问句给出了建议,即如果你 要出国旅游的话,那么你就应该接受这种服务,也 就是说,出国旅行时最好使用芯片卡。题干是对定位句的同义转述,故答案为H)。
  47.【定位】由题干中的credit and debit cards和increasingly vulnerable定位到B)段前两句。B)【精析】细节推断题。定位句提到,“刷卡”是关键词:当你在商店里购物的时候,你的信用卡越来越容易受到攻击。在最近的几起事件当中。黑客通过将恶意软件秘密植入零售店的销售点结算登记系 统,进而获取信用卡、借记卡或储值卡中的大量信 息。题干中的hackin9对应定位句中的attacks,题干是对定位句的推断,故答案为B)。
  48.【定位】由题干中的French和inefficient定位到 G)段倒数第二句。G)【精析】同义转述题。定位句提到,在法国,信用卡公司之所以会创造芯片卡,部分原因在于电话垄 断导致该过程低效得让人极度恼火,而且价格高 昂。题干中的partly对应定位句中的in part,题 干与定位句意思一致,故答案为G)。
  49.【定位】由题干中的EMV,the US和magstripe technology定位到C)段第三句。C)【精析】同义转述题。定位句提到,当美国人还在使用40年之前的磁条技术来处理信用卡交易的时候.国外许多国家都在使用一种利用芯片加密技术的信用卡,这种卡更智能。题干中的clings to对应定位句中的use,题干中的smarter和EMV都能在定位句中找到相同的单词,故答案为C)。
  50.【定位】由题干中的identity theft定位到A)段第三句。A)【精析】细节归纳题。定位句提到,银行、执法和技术公司都努力与黑客作斗争,这些黑客在盗用用户的账号、姓名、邮箱地址和其他关键的身份信息方面很有一手。题于是对定位句的概括总结,故答案为A)。
  51.【定位】由题干中的Credit cards,much safer和debit cards定位到I)段首句。I)【精析】同义转述题。定位句指出,但是也要记住相比借记卡,信用卡能提供更好的责任保护。由此可见,信用卡用起来要比借记卡更安全。题干是对定位句的同义转述,故答案为I)。
  52.【定位】由题干中的Big banks和more secure technology定位到D)段前两句。D)【精析】细节推断题。定位句提到,各大银行没有采 用这项更为安全的技术是因为邮寄新的信用卡需要考虑到相关成本。由此可知,各大银行没有采用这项更为安全的技术是因为成本高。题干中的switch to 对应定位句中的adopted,故答案为D)。
  53.【定位】由题干中的The potential liability,far more costly和registers定位到L)段第一句。L)【精析】细节推断题。定位句提到,塔吉特和尼曼发生的黑客事件也改变了成本计算:据凯捷公司 的咨询师估计,要想将它们所有的存储设备都转 变为与芯片加密码的信用卡兼容的设备,大约需 要67.5亿美元,虽然零售商不愿花这笔钱,但是它 们现在面临的潜在债务却在急剧增加。由此可知,零售商面临的潜在债务要高于将所有的存储设备都转变为与芯片加密码的信用卡兼容的设备的费用。题干中的far more costly是对定位句中的dramatically greater的同义转述,故答案为L)。
  54.【定位】由题干中的magstripe,retailers和 consumers定位到F)段第一句。 F)【精析】细节推断题。定位句提到,美国零售商几乎已成为世界上唯一使用磁条技术收费的商家, 这使得美国消费者非常容易受到侵害。题干中的exposed to the risks对应定位句中的vulnerabk.题干是对定位句的推断,故答案为F)。
  55.【定位】由题干中的Consumers,a driving force 和conversion定位到o)段倒数第二句。O)【精析】细节推断题。定位句提到,这就是可能我们还是会依赖消费者来推进向芯片加密码方向发展的原因。题干中的a driving force behind theconversion是对定位句中的move the needle的同 义转述,故答案为0)。

  56.【定位】由题干中的the first paragraph直接定位到第一段:A)【精析】推理判断题。文章开篇首句指出,来自劳工统计局的报告正如预料的那样糟糕:一月份的失业率达到了l6年以来的最高水平。这说明美国经济状况恶化,故答案为A)。
  57.【定位】由题干中的unemployment figures和other statistics定位到第二段首句和第三句。D)【精析】细节辨认题。文章第二段主要指出作者对失业率的数字和其他数据的看法。文中提到.我们依靠失业率的数字和其他数据来作出评价.但问题是这些数据并没有客观反映现实,它们只是最接近现实而已,所以选D)。
  58.【定位】由题干中的problem和payroll survey定位到第三段第四至六句。B)【精析】细节辨认题。定位句指出,电话调查和工资单调查都存在问题:工资单调查的问题在于很容易把某人“算重”及无法获知个体经营者的数量.故B)为答案:
  59.【定位】由题干中的household survey定位到第四段.最终定位到第二宅:C)【精析】细节辨认题。定位龟指出。当人们被直接询问的时侯,如果话题涉及性、金钱和工作.人们 通常会撒谎或者掩盖事实,即人们不会提供真实的信息.故C)为答案。
  60.【定位】由题于中的At the end of the passage直接定位到末段,最终定位到末句。B)【精析】推理判断题。文章末句指出,一个更关键的问题在于两党的重大决策都是基于大致估计,而并非用批判的眼光和开放性思维来审阅大量的原始数据资料。言下之意是指决策者应该用批判的眼光和开放性思维看待失业率数字,故B)为答案。

  61.【定位】由题干中的the year 2008定位到首段. A)【精析】语义理解题。定位段指出,2008年人类来到一个历史性的起点,因为在那一年人类在历史上第一次成为城市人口占主导的种群,即城市人口远超农村人口。故A)为答案。
  62.【定位】由题干中的urbanisation定位到第二段。 B)【精析】细节辨认题。文章第一段提出城市化的话题。第二段第一句指出,这个趋势没有减缓的迹象,B)中will not slow down是对原文中shows no sign of slowin9的同义转换,故B)为答案。
  63.【定位】由题干中的Peter Smith’S new book定位到第三段。D)【精析】推理判断题。文章第三段第三、四句提到,史密斯先生的书以一种迷人的模式呈现出来;又提到这是一本让人如沐春风的指导书,它主要包含公园及多年来提出的让城市变得完美的各种各样的 项目。换言之,它生动有趣,故D)为本题的答案。
  64.【定位】由题干中的the chapter on skyscrapers定位到第四段。D)【精析】细节辨认题。由定位段可知,史密斯先生在摩天大楼那一章,阐述了建筑方法、自动电梯等问题,同时谈及一些稀奇的理论,比如关于摩天大楼指数的结论,即建筑摩天大楼的热潮很明显地 预示着即将发生的衰退,故D)为答案。

  The Han dynasty is one of the most important dynasties in Chinese history. There are lots of remarkable achievements during the reign of the Han dynasty. Being the first dynasty to open the door to other cultures, it excelled in foreign trade. The Silk Road opened in the Han dynasty led to Central and Western Asia, even Rome. With all sorts of art schools flourishing, there appeared many great works in literary, history, and philosophy. In 100 AD, China's first dictionary was completed, which included 9 000 characters, providing definitions and different ways to write the characters. During that period, the science and technology had also made great progress, with paper, water clocks, sundials and instruments used to measure earthquakes invented. Though the Han dynasty had a history of 400 years, the corruption of its rulers finally contributed to its collapse.

  1.翻译第一句时,需要用到“one of+可数名词复数”结构。另外需要注意的是,表示朝代的名词前面需要加定冠词the。
  3.翻译第三句时,可将“最先向其他文化敞开大门”译作伴随状语.将“对外贸易兴旺”译作主句。还可将这两个分句译为并列句子,即Il was the first dynasty to open the door to other cultures,and its foreign trade was prosperous.
  5.翻译第五句时,可将“各类艺术一派繁荣”译作伴随状语,将“涌现了很多文学、历史、哲学巨著”译作主句。还可把“各类艺术一派繁荣”译作主句,后接定语从句,增译“汉朝”作先行词,即Various kinds ot art thrived during the Han dynasty。when many great works irl literature,history and philosophy emerged.
  6.翻译第六句时,可将句子译作一个复合句,把“公元l00年中国第一 部字典编撰完成”译作主句,把“收入9 000个字”译作定语从句.把 “提供释义并列举不同的写法”译作伴随状语。另外一种翻译方法 是:把“公元l00年中国第一部字典编撰完成,收入9 000个字”和“提供释义并列举不同的写法”译作并列句,其中“收入9 000个字”译作第一个句子的伴随状语,即The first dictionary in China was compiled in l00 AD,embodying 9 000 words and it provided meanings and different ways to write the characters.

  • figuren. 图形,数字,形状; 人物,外形,体型 v. 演算,
  • corruptionn. 腐败,堕落,贪污
  • inefficientadj. 无效率的,无能的,不称职的
  • expandv. 增加,详述,扩展,使 ... 膨胀, vi. (谈
  • retrievevt. 挽回,恢复,回忆,补偿 vi. 找回猎物 n.
  • inconveniencen. 不便,困难 vt. 使 ... 不便,使 ...
  • rubbern. 橡胶,橡皮,橡胶制品 adj. 橡胶的 n.
  • pessimisticadj. 悲观的,悲观主义的
  • merchantn. 商人,店主,专家 adj. 商业的 vt. 做买卖
  • corporateadj. 社团的,法人的,共同的,全体的