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Part I Writing

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Part II Reading comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)

1. What is the advantage of the retirement savings?

[B] Employees can get money as the retirement savings from their employers.

2. Which group of people is advised to hold a health insurance?

[D] Those who are less than 65 years old.

3. It’s good for us to have some cash on hand to .

[C] cope with sudden and serious situations

4. The money you get from the disability insurance through the employee benefits plan is .

[A] not enough for a decent living

5. What is the reason that we fail to attend to our family financial well-being?

[D] We think it needn’t be dealt with immediately.

6. What can a life insurance do to a child?

[B] It offers timely money for the funeral if the child dies.

7. We work out a budget in order to .

[A] avoid unnecessary spending

8. Once a person loses the ability to do things, a living will is a reliable document for required medical measures.

9. According to Karin Barkhorn, the government has to decide how to arrange a person’s assets if he dies without a will.

10. Under your durable power of attorney, if you are unable, a person can be given the authority to make financial decisions for you.


Part III Listening Comprehension

Section A

11. [C] She would like to know about that problem.

12. [B] It is very interesting.

13. [A] Taking a train.

14. [C] The man should practice using the vocabulary.

15. [A] Choose other time.

16. [D] It will probably be cold.

17. [A] The woman bought too many skirts.

18. [B] In a hotel.

19. [C] It’s the easiest way to communicate with other users.

20. [A] It may not be of a high level of security.

21. [B] IE and Windows.

22. [D] Try to get a free E-mail account.

23. [D] Refrigerator and kitchen stuff.

24. [B] Advertise them on the university notice boards.

25. [A] It may not pay well.

Section B

Passage One

26. [C] Delighted.

27. [B] Tell him the truth.

28. [C] Remember a couple of names first.

Passage Two

29. [A] Cycling around a lake.

30. [D] It needs water and electricity to keep its courses green.

31. [C] It uses fewer resources.

32. [B] To encourage people to go in for green sports.

Passage Three

33. [B] 3

34. [D] To get to know how to ask for financial aid.

35. [B] To make JohnsonReview popular.

Section C

36. solo

37. distances

38. undertaking

39. continent

40. stranger

41. puzzled

42. afford

43. estimated

44. rapid economic growth has fuelled an explosive expansion in car ownership

45. one of his aims was to promote cycling as safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly means of getting about

46. with some estimates saying the number of people cycling to work has almost doubled in the last five years


Part IV Reading Comprehension (Reading in Depth)

Section A

47. As adventurous as the job sounds, the hard part is fact-checking all the information.

48. She fell so in love with a description of the Southwest of the U.S. that she moved there.

49. I always loved traveling and always liked to eat, but it never occurred to me that I could make money doing both of those things.

50. What do we know about Jarolim from the passage?

She is successful in her job.

51. What is one of the disadvantages of traveling as an air courier?

She cannot decide when and where to travel.

Section B

Passage One

52. What does the author suggest we do when teaching children about domestic violence?

[A] Spend some time to expose some myths.

53. According to the passage, when discussing about domestic violence, we should .

[D] avoid referring to it as being provoked

54. “violent fight” is different from domestic violence in that .

[B] the former is two-sided while the latter is one-sided

55. The author suggests that in most domestic-abuse cases, women return home after the abuse because .

[B] they are too scared of men’s power to leave

56. From what singer Kanye West said, we know that .

[D] he forgave Chris Brown’s deed

Passage Two

57. Which of the following artists pioneered Cubist art?

[B] Picasso.

58. Picasso quoted the example of the English language to maintain that .

[D] the intricacy of the surrealist art should not be blamed on the artists

59. Which of the following is the true description of the surrealist world?

[C] It had never been explored by anyone before Picasso.

60. The Arabs and the Japanese differ in that .

[A] the Japanese keep their closeness within limits while the Arabs don’t

61. What’s the main idea of the passage?

[D] People in different cultures have different concepts of space.


Part V Cloze

62. variety

63. response

64. usual

65. approach

66. discovered

67. lengthy

68. surveyed

69. possible

70. regardless

71. if

72. with

73. rather

74. sound

75. convinced

76. that

77. work

78. necessarily

79. on

80. looking for

81. bother


Part VI Translation

82. Because of playing the game, he and my mother had a quarrel, (他和妈妈吵架了), mother was angry.

83. Frankly speaking, I’d rather you didn’t do anything about it (别为这做任何事) for the time being.

84. In the restaurant, whether we would like to sit near the window (大家是否喜欢坐靠窗的座位).

85. The letter will have been finished (信已经写完了) by the time you come back.

86. Everyone wants to have a healthy body (每个人都希望拥有健康的身体). but are not properly maintained their.

  • advertisev. 登广告,为 ... 做广告,宣传
  • insurancen. 保险,保险费,安全措施
  • timelyadj. 及时的,适时的 adv. 及时的
  • advantagen. 优势,有利条件 vt. 有利于
  • refrigeratorn. 冰箱
  • violentadj. 暴力的,猛烈的,极端的
  • decentadj. 体面的,正派的,得体的,相当好的
  • securityn. 安全,防护措施,保证,抵押,债券,证券
  • documentn. 文件,公文,文档 vt. 记载,(用文件等)证明
  • quarreln. 吵架,争论,怨言 vi. 吵架,争论,挑剔