BEC初级真题第1辑精听:Test4-Part Four(1)
日期:2019-10-21 10:11


Man 1: Good evening. On ‘Business World’ tonight, it’s my pleasure to welcome Peter Bull from the New Zealand Kiwi Fruit Marketing Board - the KMB for short!
Good to have you with us, Peter.
First of all, for those people who may not have seen kiwi fruit, what are they?
Man 2: Well, they’re a small, green, round fruit and they’re delicious!
New Zealand now exports more of them than any other fruit and vegetable - so kiwi fruit are very important to us economically.
Of course, New Zealand is famous for lamb and wool production, and trade in both of these is still very good - though dairy products is actually the biggest area in terms of export income.
Man 1: I see ... and can you tell me why the KMB was started?
Man 2: Well, some years ago kiwi fruit farmers found they were producing more fruit, but the market wasn’t growing at the same rate.
So the KMB was formed - partly to set up distribution to retailers and so on within New Zealand, but also to find more customers for kiwi fruit around the world - in other words, to make the export market bigger.
Man 1: I see . . . now just what do you do to find more customers around the world for a particular product... - especially one which people have probably never seen before?
Man 2: Well, there are a number of ways of doing this.
Some marketing boards might do an international advertising campaign, so that when anybody in one of the target countries watches TV, they’re certain to see the product.
That’s fine, but of course it costs a lot, and it’s not really suited to our product.