BEC初级真题第1辑精听:Test3-Part Three
日期:2019-09-26 11:05


Man: Good evening everyone. My name’s Alan French, and I’m the managing director of A2Z Racing.


Thanks for inviting me to speak to you about the development of the new racetrack here in Bramford.


The plan is to build it on the site of the old airport behind the new leisure centre.


It was reported in the local paper that we were going to start work on 4th April, but in fact it’ll now be on the 14th of March.


The total cost of the project will be around £4 million, and we have as our partners in this project SPC, the sports clothes manufacturers, who will open a retail outlet and ‘sports cafe’ on the site.


They’re well-known for the high quality of their goods and competitive prices, so I’m certain they’ll do well.


The producer of car tyres, Runwells, have also joined us.


They will offer a repair service to both the general public and the racing industry.


We are therefore confident that the new 10km track and the other businesses related to it will bring increased employment opportunities to the area.


You may also be pleased to hear that the track will be used for racing just twice a month, so there should be no problem with noise.


At other times the police and ambulance service will use it for training purposes.


Of course, my own racing team will practise there.


We aim to attract as many people as possible, and in addition to the excellent facilities I’ve already mentioned we are hoping to provide local businesses with a conference centre in a few years’ time.


Now... if you have any questions, I’ll be pleased to answer them.


  • additionn. 增加,附加物,加法
  • confidentadj. 自信的,有信心的,有把握的 adj. 易
  • invitingadj. 吸引人的,诱人的 动词invite的现在分词
  • directorn. 董事,经理,主管,指导者,导演
  • competitiveadj. 竞争的,比赛的
  • certainadj. 确定的,必然的,特定的 pron. 某几个,某
  • conferencen. 会议,会谈,讨论会,协商会
  • outletn. 出口,出路,通风口,批发商店
  • retailn. 零售 vt. 零售,传述 adv. 以零售形式
  • qualityn. 品质,特质,才能 adj. 高品质的