BEC中级真题第1辑精听:Test1-Part Two(3)
日期:2019-07-22 15:54


Hello, it's Rachel Lister here from Cross & Taylor. I got your letter accepting the post this morning. I'm just ringing to arrange a time for us to meet and sign your contract. Your departmental manager has asked me to go through it with you - and to answer any questions you have about holidays and the pension scheme and so on. I should be able to take you over to the sales department afterwards, so you can meet some of your future colleagues.
您好,我是Cross & Taylor的瑞秋·李斯特。我今天早晨收到您接受职位的来信了。我打电话来是和您安排一下咱们见面和签合同的时间。您的部门经理让我请您过目合同--并且解答您有关假期、退休金计划及其他事宜的问题。我之后会带您去销售部,您可以和未来同事见个面。
Tom it's Paula. Just checking you haven't forgotten the presentation we agreed to do. Do you realise it's only ten days away? To be honest, I'm beginning to regret offering to do it. Expect you are too ... Anyway I'll be in touch early next week, so we can start preparing properly.