日期:2010-09-17 07:51


Although sales at both ASEF Chemicals and Chemicon Ltd experienced a number of fluctuations over the period 1995-1999, turnover at both companies showed a general upword trend.
   At the beginning of the period ASEF sales stood at just over $30m. They experienced a fall the following year, before picking up again in 1997 and reaching a peak of $60m in 1998. Sales fell again slightly the following year but remained higher than their 1997 level. Chemicon sales exceeded those of ASEF in 1995 ($42m compared to $31m). Despite experiencing a fall in 1997, the overall trend was a slight rise over the four year period. Both companies ended 1999 with turnover of around $50m with Chemicon outselling ASEF for the first time since 1996.

  • overalladj. 全部的,全体的,一切在内的 adv. 总的来说
  • trendn. 趋势,倾向,方位 vi. 倾向,转向
  • fell动词fall的过去式 n. 兽皮 vt. 砍伐,击倒 a
  • experiencedadj. 有经验的
  • slightadj. 轻微的,微小的,纤细的,脆弱的 vt. 轻视,
  • slightlyadv. 些微地,苗条地