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A motivation survey
  Ex 3: Sample answer: (116words)
  A number of employees clearly suffer from a lack of motivation as a result of dissatisfaction in one or more areas of their work. The key findings are outlined below:
  Staff feel undervalued by the company, both on a financial and a personal level. It is generally felt that the companyˇs competitors offer higher levels of remuneration. The perception that the managers are unappreciative of staff efforts is particularly noticeable in the Sales Department.
  Certain employees feel under-challenged. The company is clearly not exploiting its human resources.
  There appears to be a breakdown of communication in the Production Department. The confusion and resultant ill-feeling towards managers has the potential to disrupt the production cycles.
  We strongly recommend the following measures:
  An evaluation of job profiles throughout the company to assess whether skills could be utilised more efficiently
  A review of the current salary structure involving the comparison with similar organisations
  It is also essential to investigate and take action regarding the communication in the Production and Sales Department.

  • efficientlyadv. 有效地
  • remunerationn. 报酬,赔偿,补偿
  • disruptvt. 分裂,干扰,打断,妨碍,使破裂
  • perceptionn. 感知,认识,观念
  • evaluationn. 估价,评价
  • certainadj. 确定的,必然的,特定的 pron. 某几个,某
  • currentn. (水、气、电)流,趋势 adj. 流通的,现在的,
  • communicationn. 沟通,交流,通讯,传达,通信
  • essentialn. 要素,要点 adj. 必要的,重要的,本质的
  • recommendvt. 建议,推荐,劝告 vt. 使成为可取,使受欢迎