BBC环球慢速英语 第500期:达尔富尔之声(5)
日期:2019-08-07 13:39



Voice 7: "Today I sat down with a Sudanese woman. She wanted help with her English. She told me a story. One day, some people attacked her when she was walking to work. They beat her and kicked her. She still has problems now because of her injuries. It broke my heart. This woman is my good friend. And I did not know about her suffering. I began to think that similar attacks must have happened to many people in this country. And I thought about the people's amazing will to survive. They want to succeed even more in their life now because of what they experienced in the past. I told my friend that she was very brave. She agreed. This story made me cry. But it also gave me hope. And it is often hard to find hope in this land."



  • survivevt. 比 ... 活得长,幸免于难,艰难度过 vi.
  • beatv. 打败,战胜,打,敲打,跳动 n. 敲打,拍子,心跳
  • experiencedadj. 有经验的