世界名人故事之演员明星 第10期:Jim Carrey 金·凯利
日期:2016-05-27 10:00


Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey has become one of the most recognized faces in the world — and it is precisely because of his face that he has achieved such fame. His rubbery look, and penchant for wild and extreme behavior has given him a notoriety he delights in.
Bom in New Market, Ontario, Canada on January 17th, 1962 to a working class family, growing up poor was tough for young Jim Carrey. While in his teens, he had to take a job as a janitor when his father lost his job and he had to juggle both school and work. School eventually lost out and he dropped out. He describes himself as being very angry at this time in his life, yet one good thing came out of it. He developed a tremendous sense of humour to help him cope and to shield his anger from the world.
He was a loner who claims he didn’t have any friends because he didn’t want any. Between school and work there just wasn’t much time for a childhood. At 15 though, he had enough time to start performing at Yuk Yuks, a famous Toronto comedy club where he began to perfect his shtick. He moved to LA and did the club circuit there. He soon came to the attention of Rodney and was put on his tour.
凯利独来独往,他宣称自己没有朋友因为他不需要朋友。往返于学校与工地的那段童年时光并不算长。 十五岁时,他开始有充裕的时间在多伦多一家著名的喜剧俱乐部“亚克亚克斯”进行表演,在那儿他得以完善自己的特殊才能。后来前往洛杉矶并在那儿开始了倶乐部巡回演出。不久他引起了罗德尼的注意并从此走上了艺术之旅。
Jim Carrey got his big break in 1990, when he landed a role on the hip new sketch comedy show In Living Color which boasted a cast of African-Americans and Carrey, the sole white guy. While there, Carrey perfected many characters, most notoriously “Fire Marshal Bill” who always went up in a blaze. The sketch was yanked when critics claimed that it encouraged kids to play with fire. The controversy put Carrey’s name in the headlines for the first time.
He broke into feature films, and into the collective unconscious of the world, in one single successful year, 1994. It was the Year of the Funny Face. First there was Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,a surprise hit that show Carrey's now signature wacky style. Next came The Mask, a role that seemed tailor-made for him and was a hit with audiences. As if he hadn’t made an impression yet, there was still Dumb and Dumber which was released during the holiday season and ended up on top of the box office. Jim Carrey was in the limelight now and he hasn't looked back since.

  • blazen. 火焰,烈火 vi. 燃烧,发光 vt. 燃烧,宣布
  • eventuallyadv. 终于,最后
  • extremeadj. 极度的,极端的 n. 极端,极限
  • sketchn. 素描,草图,概述,梗概 v. 速写,草拟,(简略地
  • notorietyn. 臭名昭著,恶名,声名狼籍
  • castv. 投,掷,抛,铸造,丢弃,指定演员,加起来,投射(目
  • unconsciousadj. 失去知觉的
  • shieldn. 盾,防卫物,盾状物 vt. 保护,遮蔽
  • comedyn. 喜剧,滑稽,幽默事件
  • collectiveadj. 集体的,共同的 n. 集体