英语短文名人故事 演员明星 第49期:莱昂内尔·汉普顿
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18 Lionel Hampton
18 莱昂内尔·汉普顿
Lionel Hampton is a frenetic jazz vibraphonist, gifted bandleader and storied showman who was one of the most celebrated musicians of the swing era and went on to a six-decade career on the American stage.
Hampton has cut hundreds of records. He was known for tremendous energy and for directing bands that were among the most long lived and consistently popular large ensembles in jazz. His work has been hailed by everyone from presidents to jazz critics and endorsed by the public through enthusiastic attendance of his performances and unending sales of his records.
Hampton was born on April 20,1908,in Louisville, Kentucky. He began working as a drummer when he was a teenager. He spent many of his formative musical years in Los Angeles, playing with top local bands and some great national figures as they came through town. Among them were Louis Armstrong -- who first encouraged him to play the vibraphone and, later, Benny Goodman. He was one of the first musicians to bridge the racial gap between blacks and whites in jazz. He joined drummer Gene Krupa and pianist Teddy Wilson to form the multiracial Benny Goodman quartet in the 1930s. Hampton later recalled, “I didn’t recognize that it was a social advancement, but it was the first time blacks and whites ever played together out in public.”
1908年4月20日汉普顿出生在肯塔基州的路易斯维尔。十几岁时他当了一名鼓手。在洛杉矶度过的数年是他的音乐风格形成期。他同当地顶尖的乐队和一些来小镇演出的杰出音乐人同台演出。这里面有路易斯·阿姆斯特朗,是他第一个鼓励汉普顿演奏颤音琴。后来他又遇到了本尼·古德曼。汉普顿是第一个打破爵士乐中 种族隔阂的音乐人之一。20世纪30年代,他与鼓手吉恩·克鲁帕和钢琴演奏家特迪·威尔逊组建了多种族的本尼·古德曼四重奏乐团。汉普顿后来回忆说:“我并没有意识到这是一种社会进步,但这确实是黑人和白人第一次在公众场合同台演出。”
By 1930, he was touring extensively on the West Coast with his own groups, making records and enjoying billing as the “fastest drummer in the world”,when he struck his first note on a vibraphone. He played with Armstrong’s group for a year, establishing the vibraphone as a jazz instrument and himself as its top interpreter.
到1930年,汉普顿同他的乐队沿西海岸巡演,录制音乐,荣登排行榜上“世界上最快的鼓手”。这时他开始演奏颤音琴。汉普顿同阿姆斯特朗的乐队演出了一年。他把颤音琴确定为爵士乐的演奏乐器,而他自己也 成为该乐器最出色的阐释者。
Hampton played the vibes with lightning swiftness and harmonic and melodic simplicity and the drums with a fierce, driving rhythm. He became a household name after recording such hits as Moonglow and Dinah with Goodman in the 1930s and continued to make the charts in the 1940s and 1950s.
In 1940,he left Goodman and started his own big band, featuring a big sound, swinging arrangements and such soloists as Washington. Hampton’s newly recorded big-band version of Flyin ’Home became a huge success. The band specialized in boogie-woogie, jump and later bop, and by the early 1950s it had become as much a rhythm and blues as a jazz attraction. But it nevertheless remained the medium for the introduction of many jazz talents.
Through all of it, Hampton once said, he had just one goal, “I want to be remembered for spreading happiness and goodwill.” He did just that.

  • popularadj. 流行的,大众的,通俗的,受欢迎的
  • specialized专门的 专科的
  • swiftnessn. 迅速,敏捷
  • mediumn. 媒体,方法,媒介 adj. 适中的,中等的
  • rhythmn. 节奏,韵律,格律,节拍
  • neverthelessadv. 仍然,不过 conj. 然而,不过
  • giftedadj. 有天赋的,有才华的
  • bandn. 带,箍,波段 n. 队,一群,乐队 v. 绑扎 v
  • lightningn. 闪电 adj. 闪电般的,快速的 vi. 打闪
  • genen. 基因