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Lesson 6 Section 1 Dialogues

Dialogue 1:

Is that Mr. Smith's son?

No, it isn't. It's Mr. Morgan's son.

Is he Irish?

No, he isn't. He is Welsh.

Dialogue 2:

Where are your parents now?

They are in Zagreb.

Is that in Austria?

No. It's in Yugoslavia.

Dialogue 3:

Who is the girl by the door?

It's Jone Smith.

Is she a nurse?

No. She's a librarian.

Dialogue 4:

My hat and coat, please. Here is my ticket.

Thank you, sir. Here they are.

These not mine. They are Mr. West's.

I'm sorry, sir. Are these yours?

Yes, they are. Thank you.

Dialogue 5:

Whose handbag is that?

Which one?

The big leather one.

Oh, that's Miss Clark's.

Dialogue 6:

What are you looking at?

I'm looking at some stamps.

Are they interesting?

Yes. They are very rare ones.

Dialogue 7:

Where's Miss Green at the moment?

In her office.

What's she doing there?

She's typing, I think.

Dialogue 8:

Are there any pencils in the drawer?

No, I'm sorry. There aren't any.

Are there any ball-point pens then.

Yes. There are lots of ball-points.

Dialogue 9:

I need some oil, please.

How much do you need, sir?

Three pounds, please.

Thank you, sir.

Dialogue 10:

Is there any shampoo in the cupboard?

No, I'm sorry. There isn't any.

Is there any soap, then?

Yes. There is a whole pack of soap.

Dialogue 11:

Where does Miss Sue come from?

She comes from Tokyo.

What language does she speak, then?

She speaks Japanese.

Dialogue 12:

What does Miss Jenkins do?

She is a nurse.

Where does she work?

At the Westminster Hospital.

Dialogue 13:

Do you like your manager?

Yes. He is nice and kind. Is yours kind, too?

No. Mine is rather a brute.

Oh, I'm sorry about that.

Dialogue 14:

Is anyone attending to you, sir?

No. I should like to see some dressing gowns.

What sort are you looking for, sir?

I fancy a red, silk one.

Section 2 Telephone Conversations A.Telephone Conversation 1.

Henry wants tickets for Romeo and Juliet so he tries to telephone the box of office. First he hears: (wrong number tone). He has dialed the wrong number. Then he tries again. (busy tone) Henry is fed up but he must get some tickets. He tries again and finally, he gets through.(sound of phone ringing, receiver picked up)

Cambridge Theatre. Box Office.

Have you got any tickets for Romeo and Juliet for this Saturday evening?'

Which performance? 5 pm or 8:30 pm?

8:30 pm please.

Sorry, that performance is sold out.

Well, have you got any tickets for the 5 pm performance?

Yes, we have tickets at 4.50 pounds, 5.50 pounds and 6 pounds.

I'd like to reserve two seats at 4.50 pounds, please.

Right. That's two tickets at 4.50 pounds. Saturday, 5 pm performance. What's the name please?

Bishop. Henry Bishop.

Thank you. You'll collect the tickets before 3 pm on Saturday, won't you?

Yes, of course. Thank you. Goodbye.

B.Telephone Conversation 2:

That number has been engaged for ages. Nobody can be that popular. I wonder if her number has been changed. I think I'll try again. (Sound of dialing and ringing tone.)


Is that you, Sue?

Who's calling?

This is Clara. Clara Ferguson. Don't you remember me?

Clara! Of course I remember you. How are you? I haven't heard from you for at least two years. What are you doing?

Nothing very exciting. That's one reason I'm ringing. I need some advice.

Advice. Hmm. That's a good one. I've just been sacked.

There are the pips. Hang on, Sue.

What do you mean ... you've just been sacked? Sue, you're the most successful woman I know.

That's probably why I've been sacked. But let's talk about you. You said you needed some advice.

I certainly do. I wanted to ask you about interviews. Have you had a lot of them?

Yes, I have. Too many.

So, could you tell me the sort of questions you're usually asked?

Let me think. The first ten questions are almost always the same. I call them the 'whys', 'hows' and 'wheres'.(Sound of pips.)

Not again. Don't go away, Sue. I've got one more coin.

Are you there, Sue?

Yes, I'm still here.

Sorry, I didn't understand what you were telling me. Could you repeat it?

It's very boring, but here you are:I'm always asked:Why I want to leave my present job?Why I am interestedin the new job? How I intend to get to work? How long I intend to stay in the job?Where I live?Where I went to school?How much I'm paid in my present job?How much I expect to be paid in the new job?Oh yes. I'm always asked if I'm married.(Sound of pips.)

That's it, Sue. No more coins. I'll write to you soon ... and many thanks.

Section 3 Dictation. Dictation 1:

I am not going out with George again.

Last week he invited me to go to a football match.

I do not like football, so it was silly of me to say yes.

We did not have seats, so we had to stand for two hours in the rain.

I was cold and wet and I could not see a thing.

So I asked George to take me home.

He got very angry and said some very unpleasant things.

Dictation 2:

Last week the sun shone and it got quite hot.

I decided to put on my light grey summer trousers.

But I got a shock.

I could not put them on.

They were too small.

It is possible that they got smaller during the winter, but I do not think so.

I am afraid I got bigger.

So I am going to eat less and I am going to take more exercise.

I am definitely going to lose some weight.

  • reserven. 预备品,贮存,候补 n. 克制,含蓄 vt. 保留
  • soapn. 肥皂 vt. 用肥皂洗,阿谀奉承
  • conversationn. 会话,谈话
  • bishopn. 主教 n. (国际象棋中的)象
  • engagedadj. 忙碌的,使用中的,订婚了的
  • performancen. 表演,表现; 履行,实行 n. 性能,本事
  • havenn. 港口,避难所,安息所 v. 安置 ... 于港中,
  • collectv. 收集,聚集 v. 推论 adv. 接收者付款
  • tonen. 音调,语气,品质,调子,色调 vt. 使更健壮,装
  • drawern. 抽屉,拖曳者,制图员,开票人 (复)drawers