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Lesson 4 Section 1 Dialogues

Dialogue 1

Here's some coffee.

Oh, fantastic ... er ... is there any sugar?

Sugar... yes, of course ... here you are.

Thanks ... er ...

What's the matter now?

Er ... are there any chocolate biscuits?

No, there aren't.

Oh ...

Dialogues 2:

Where do you live?

Near Victoria Station.

In a flat or a house?

In a flat. Houses are terribly expensive.

What's your flat like?

It's small and the building is old, but it's comfortable. It's very near my office.

Dialogues 3:

When did you buy that new necklace?

I didn't buy it. It was a present.

Oh, who gave it to you?

A friend.

Anybody I know?

Don't ask so many questions.

Dialogues 4:

Tom and Anna saw a film yesterday.

It was exciting, wasn't it?

Yes, it was.

Charles Bronson was good, wasn't he?

Yes, he always is.

I thought the girl was good too.

Did you?

Section 2 Conversations

A.Conversation 1:

What are you doing?

I'm packing.


Because I'm leaving.

You're not.

Yes, I am. I'm catching the first train tomorrow.

But, I ...

and I'm not coming back.

Oh, oh ... where are you going?

To ... to ... Hawaii.

Oh darling.

B.Conversation 2:

Excuse me, Mr. Jones. Can you help me?

Of course. What's the problem?

Well, I have to wear an overall but I can't find one.

That's easy. Why don't you look in the cupboard besides the washbasin?

You'll find one there.

C.Conversation 3:

(sound of phone ringing)

7824145. Jean Williamson speaking.

Oh, it's you, Jean. Sorry I had to rush off this morning. How are the boys?

I'm taking them to the doctor at twelve o'clock, but I'm sure they're going to be all right.

That's good. What about you?

Oh, I'm fine now. I'm going to bake a birthday cake for tomorrow.

And ... I've got a camera for Peter and some records for Paul.

You spoil them. I'm going to open a savings account for them.

They need to learn how to save money.

Section 3 Dictation.

Dictation 1:

My grandfather lives with us.

He is seventy years old and I like talking to him.

Every day I go for a walk with him in the park.

My grandfather has a dog.

The dog's name is Nelson.

Nelson is old and he has very short legs and bad eyes.

But my grandfather likes him very much.

Dictation 2:

I have a small black and white television and I can get a good picture.

But my brother has got a color television.

It is bigger, heavier and more complicated than mine.

My brother gets a better picture on his television than I do on mine.

So when there is something very good on TV, I usually go and see my brother.

  • necklacen. 项链
  • conversationn. 会话,谈话
  • spoiln. 战利品,奖品 v. 宠坏,溺爱,破坏,腐坏
  • complicatedadj. 复杂的,难懂的 动词complicate的过去
  • overalladj. 全部的,全体的,一切在内的 adv. 总的来说
  • fantasticadj. 极好的,难以置信的,奇异的,幻想的