【AP一分钟视频】 美国2012大选倒计时一年
日期:2011-11-18 09:38


This is AP News Minute.

The United States is 365 days away from the presidential election. Jobs and economy are almost certain to be the top concerns for voters. President Obama will try to convince voters that he deserves the second term while the eventual Republican challenger will argue the president's economic policies have failed.

A third woman has died after a helicopter crashed in New York's East River last month. The medical examiner says 60-year-old Harriet Nicholson died of shortage of oxygen to the brain. Nicholson was one of the four passengers on the sightseeing chopper that crashed just after takeoff.

Guatemalans have elected retired general and former intelligence director Otto Perez Molina as their new president. Molina, head of the Conservative Patriatic Party, won easy and early victory Sunday. And Nicaragua president and one-time Sandinista revolutionary Daniel Ortega was headed for re-election.

Millions of Muslims continue their annual Hajj Pilgrimage today in Mecca. To complete their rituals, pilgrims must throw 21 pebbles at each of three 82-foot pillars that represent Satan in a symbolic rejection of temptation. Some 2.5 million people were expected to take part in the five-day event that started Saturday.

Noel Waghorn, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.

  • convincevt. 使确信,使信服,说服
  • symbolicn. 代号 adj. 象征的,符号的
  • conservativeadj. 保守的,守旧的 n. 保守派(党), 保守的人
  • temptationn. 诱惑,引诱
  • directorn. 董事,经理,主管,指导者,导演
  • certainadj. 确定的,必然的,特定的 pron. 某几个,某
  • electionn. 选举
  • intelligencen. 理解力,智力 n. 情报,情报工作,情报机关
  • revolutionaryadj. 革命的 n. 革命者
  • challengern. 挑战者