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  The university is going to make some changes to improve students’ life, which do you think university should change and why? 1,Cafeteria. 2, swimming pool. 3, Student dorm.


  If my school is making any improvements on school facilities, I'd go for swimming pool. To begin with, I always liked swimming, but my school’s swimming pool wasn't exactly what I wanted. It's outdated and dirty, and they don't refresh the water frequently, I'd like to swimming there more if they made any improvement to the pool. Another point I'd like to indicate is: it would encourage students to do exercise, especially in summer. We all know that students now all lack exercise, we got to admit that major part of the reasons why people don't like it is that it's too hot to do sports, we get sweaty after playing basketball, football. But when we know that we have a nice swimming pool, we'd jump right in!


  Do you think you can learn a lot about a stranger from the first observation or you have to know his personality after a long time?


  I’d definitely wait longer time to judge a person. Let’s picture this. You walk into a friend’s party, say hi to all the people you know or you don’t, you smile, you wave your hand, you tell people jokes to gain laughters, you keep perfect manners to make a good impression. Everyone does that, but we all know that it takes much longer time to actually know a person’s personality, whether he is kind or punctual, whether he has weird habits, and whether he treats his friends kindly. Someone may wear nice and decent clothes when he is out to make a good impression. As time goes by, when you know him more, he turns out to be a person who often leaves dishes dirty, keeps his room messy, or not showering for days. That is, my friend, the real him.


  学校要关掉Eastern Campus Cafeteria,因为去的人相比于west的很少,赚不了钱。但是学校目前也没有计划如何取代east cafeteria。


  1,如果关掉了这家咖啡厅,会带来很多不便 -- 对于经常在east上课的同学,这个餐厅很重要。很多课在东校区,学生没有时间在饭点坐bus从东到西吃饭,然后再做bus回来上。

  2,学校取消了的话就会有empty space,然而学校现在并不缺empty space。President关于如何使用这片空间没有进一步的计划。空置着不好


  The school decided to close the cafeteria at Eastern campus, considering there are not many people in the east side, the school isn’t profiting, and the school has not yet had any plan to replace the cafeteria. The male student thinks it might be a mistake to do so. The first point the man indicates is that: east part of the campus is normally pretty crowded with people coming and going, a lot of students having classes or studying in the library, if the cafeteria was shut down, students have to take bus from east to the west for lunch, which may cause inconveniences. Besides, the school obviously doesn't have any clear plan after shutting down the coffee house, it would just leave an empty space, there are plenty of empty spaces in campus already. It would be a waste to shut it down before coming up with a better idea.

  Task 4:

  Bet hedging 一些植物生活在天气气候多变的环境,如果植物出来的种子一次性全部发芽的话,可能会由于干旱会导致全部死亡。于是有些植物就把部分种子延迟 a year or more 再发芽。


  美国西部的沙漠中,有一种植物叫pepper grass, 如果生出种子的那一年没有雨, 一部分种子就会随风飘落,然后sprout一部分, 第一年不继续生长,等到第二或者第三年有水了以后再发芽,或者等不到雨季dry out。


  Some plants live in a harsh climate. If all of their seeds sprout, they might all dry up and die, so some plants would save part of their seeds for the next year, which is called Bet hedging. There is a kind of plant specie called pepper grass. Pepper grass lives in the desert where there is not enough water for all the plants. In order to survive in this harsh environment, pepper grass has developed adaptation to deal with it. It would produce as many seeds as possible, but only sprout part of the seeds, leaving the rest as remain. When there is enough water or rain, the seeds that sprout will grow into maturity, but if there is no luck, not enough water for the plants, the seeds would die dry out, the rest part of the seeds, which didn’t sprout will wait until the next rainfall to grow.


  男生是乐队的,有一场演出,本来这周需要在music hall举行演唱会,需要在报纸上刊登free performance announcement的信息,但是他missed the deadline of the campus newspaper to submit the announcement.






  The male students made a mistake by sending out the wrong date of performance's deadline on the campus news paper, there are two ways that might solve this problem. He might want to change it to the next week, that way there would be more audiences, or he can just correct the information today, and who ever saw the news could just come and watch. I think it would be safer for him to rearrange the time to the next week, I mean, it would be irresponsible for him to just post the news today when people are expecting to watch the show at its given time, I doubt it would be viewed by a lot of students since everyone has their own schedules to follow. Giving short notice would only bring a small audience to the performance, which is unfair to the group. Changing the date is a safer choice because that would allow everyone to see the poster and the team would actually have more time to rehearse.


  Name recognition of Advertising


  quick clean




  We all know that one of the main goals of advertising is to make audience remember the name, one way to achieve that goal is to repeat it over and over.

  but HOW to do it?

  First, you need to show your name on the screen for many times, repeatedly, like if you have a product named Quick Clean, you might want it in the camera, showing the name to the audiences over and over. You may also want the narrator to call the name for many times, so that people would have a better chance of remembering your product.

  but WHY is it important?

  because researches have shown that, people have tendencies to purchase the things with a familiar name, when people remember your product’s name and become familiar with it, they would automatically connect your product with high quality images, that would definitely increase the sales.

  • narratorn. 叙述者,讲解员
  • recognitionn. 认出,承认,感知,知识
  • refreshv. 使 ... 生气蓬勃,提起精神,恢复精神
  • indicatev. 显示,象征,指示 v. 指明,表明
  • qualityn. 品质,特质,才能 adj. 高品质的
  • automaticallyadv. 自动地,机械地
  • maturityn. 成熟,(支票等的)到期
  • adaptationn. 改编,改编成的作品,适应
  • irresponsibleadj. 不负责任的,不可靠的,没有承担能力的
  • replacevt. 取代,更换,将物品放回原处