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 How to SendYour Scores with Registration

 1、Choosefour score recipients for FREE during registration

 You can make updates to your scorerecipients for up to nine days after your test date. To make updates, log in toMy SAT.


 2、Sendadditional scores

 Four score sends are included freewith your registration. If you choose to send more than four, or to send scoresoutside the registration time period, you will be charged $10.50 per scoresend.


 How ScoreChoice Works

 1、Selectwhich scores you want to send to your score recipients

 Score Choice gives you the optionto choose which scores (by test date for the SAT and by individual test for SATSubject Tests ) you send to colleges — in accordance with an institution'sstated score-use practice.

 If you decide not to use ScoreChoice, all of your scores will be sent to your recipients. Students shouldstill feel comfortable sending all scores, since most colleges consider astudent’s best score.

 简注:Score Choice(只送部分成绩)功能允许考生选择性地向申请院校递送分数。SAT Reasoning考试可以选择某个考试日期的分数,也就是说,要送就一次成绩一起送,不可以选择这次的阅读和那次的语法组合。SAT Subject考试可以按科目送分,比如这次考了3门,但可以只送2门成绩。

 考生也可以选择不用Score Choice功能,这样的话考生的所有成绩都会被递送到学校。

 2、Sendingscores to college and university systems

 For certain college and universitysystems, once you submit your score to one school, other schools within thatsystem will also have access to your score. Please note, however, that if youare applying to more than one school within a college or university system, itis still important for you to send your SAT scores to each individual school.If you are not sure whether the specific school you are applying to is part ofsuch a system, contact the school's admissions office.


 3、Participatingin the Student Search Service

 If you decided to participate inthe Student Search Service, colleges and universities may identify you toprovide you with materials about college admission and financial aid. StudentSearch Service does not report your course grades, test scores, phone numbersor social security number to these organizations, but organizations can requeststudent information based on a variety of criteria which may include scorerange, or other variables such as geographical location or expressed interests.

 简注:如果你决定加入Student Search Service,那么一些院校就会识别出你,可能为你提供一些入学申请或奖学金申请的材料。Student Search Service不会向任何学院机构透露你的课程成绩、考试分数、电话号码等信息,但是学校可以对考试分数范围、地理位置等比较宽泛的信息做了解。

 Score Reports and Score Sending

 Sendingofficial SAT score reports is the only way to ensure that colleges receive yourscores.

Four SATscore reports are included free with your registration.Sendingscores with your registration is the fastest way to send scores to colleges andscholarship programs.Manycolleges view receiving your scores early as a demonstration of your interest.SATProgram recommends that students send all of their scores if they are unsure ofwhich scores to send.


 DoesScore Choice affect how many scores I send or receive?

 Any or all of your scores can besent to a college on a single report. It does not cost more to send multipletest scores, or all of them. If you choose not to use Score Choice, all of yourscores will be sent automatically in each score report.

 Also, Score Choice applies only tothe score reports that you send to colleges. You and your high school stillreceive scores from all of your test dates.

 简注:任何几次或全部的成绩都可以出现在同一张成绩单上。所以,递交多次成绩或所有的成绩不会产生额外的费用。如果考生选择不是用Score Choice,那所有的成绩都会自动记录到成绩报告中。Score Choice只修改送出的成绩单,而不改变College Board里的分数记录。考生与所在高中依旧会收到所有的分数。

 Should Score Choice influence howmany times I take the SAT?

 No. While you may see a smallscore increase if you take the test a second time, there is no evidence tosuggest that taking the SAT more than twice is beneficial to your score.Remember: Score Choice allows you to choose your scores only by test date, notby test section.

 简注:如果考生第二次的成绩比第一次只有几分的提高,那么,第二次的成绩也不见得对你会有多少帮助。请记住:Score Choice只允许你选择递送的考试日期,但不能选择单独的科目分数。

 How will I remember to send myscores?

 The College Board will sende-mails to you and your counselors to remind you to send your scores.

 简注:College Board将会发邮件提醒考生递送成绩的时间。

 Why should I use my registrationscore reports if I can't see my scores?

 Using the registration score reportsensures that test scores are sent to colleges at the earliest possible moment.Colleges use standardized test scores for admission as well as scholarshipawards, course placement, or selection to a specific program or major. Sendingyour registration score report ensures that colleges have the most complete setof information about you for use in their review processes.

 Should I send my scores early?

 If you know which schools you'dlike to send your scores to and are comfortable sending your scores in thespring of your junior year, you should do so. Some colleges see this as a signof interest. They may also use scores to qualify you for special campus visitprograms, information sessions in your hometown or scholarships.


 Should I send all my scores?

 If you are unsure of which scoresto send or your college has not indicated their preference, then the SATProgram recommends that you send all scores. There are benefits to sendingcolleges all of your scores and colleges are particularly interested in yourbest scores.


 Is there a way to view a list ofindividual score-use practices by college or university?

 Yes. The SAT Score-Use PracticesList provides an alphabetical listing of college and scholarship programs thathave submitted their score-use practice. Download the SAT Score-Use PracticesList.

  • socialadj. 社会的,社交的 n. 社交聚会
  • affectvt. 影响,作用,感动
  • specificadj. 特殊的,明确的,具有特效的 n. 特效药,特性
  • preferencen. 偏爱,优先,喜爱物
  • securityn. 安全,防护措施,保证,抵押,债券,证券
  • reasoningn. 推论,推理,论证
  • evidencen. 根据,证据 v. 证实,证明
  • varietyn. 多样,种类,杂耍
  • identifyvt. 识别,认明,鉴定 vi. 认同,感同身受
  • certainadj. 确定的,必然的,特定的 pron. 某几个,某