日期:2021-06-08 16:21


Germany: Guys like Engineering while ladies prefer German Studies, but they both love Business


The independent survey from StudyCheck shows differences in the most popular courses for men and women. Business Administration has for years held the top spot in the ranking of the most popular programs, both for men and women.


When it comes to the 2nd place, German Studies is favored by women, and 75% of German Studies students are female.


Meanwhile, German men choose Mechanical Engineering as their second favorite, and this is just the beginning of their interest in engineering.


Medicine is one of the most popular subjects in Germany and the 3rd most popular among German ladies, while Computer Science is still listed by men as their 3rd choice. 4th and 5th placed popular majors among German guys are both in the engineering area (Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering), while German ladies turn to Law and Pedagogy.


Graduates who earn engineering degrees have excellent job prospects. New engineering graduates will earn relatively high salaries of 2,800 EURO to 3,800 EURO a month in Germany. Besides, they have a wide range of activities open to them, from plant engineering and mechanical engineering to aerospace engineering and vehicle construction.


According to the HIS study, every second German Studies student aspires to become a teacher.


Teacher training usually promises a quick career start and good salary prospects.


Russia: The popularity of pedagogical degrees may surprise you


Pedagogical faculties, IT specialties, and Medicine are the most popular majors for Russian university entrants in 2019, reports Russian Ministry of Education and Science.


It may surprise many readers that pedagogical degrees generate so much enthusiasm.


One possible reason is that in the past few years the career of teacher has became more prestigious in Russia.


Reforms in education have brought higher salaries for teachers and have helped to attract young, highly qualified professionals.


Australia: An aging population has boosted health-related enrollment, and Australia is the only country where IT has dropped


Good Education Group’s statistics show that majors in Society and Culture boast the highest enrollments in Australia (66,884).


Care for the Aged and Children’s Services are two of the fastest growing sub-categories in Australia for the years from 2011 to 2016, which helps the Society and Culture sector to arrive at an over-all peak.


The popularity of Health majors has increased by 159%, with 52,134 choosing to study in this area, making it more than twice as popular as 16 years ago and holding second place nationally.


The third to tenth most popular majors are Management and Commerce, Natural and Physical Sciences, Education, Creative Arts, Engineering, IT, Architecture and Building and Agriculture, Environmental and Related studies.


Australia is the only country in the survey where the Information Technology field of study has dropped in recent years. You might learn IT skills in Society and Culture or in Health or in Engineering, whereas previously they were specific (to IT courses)”.


India: Design and Arts rank quite high


Without any surprises, Management, Engineering and Computer Application are the Top 3 in India.


However, things get interesting when it comes to the fourth place: Design-related majors including fashion design, interior design and Web/graphic design are quite popular.


Mass Communication and Hospitality-related majors are also emerging because the entertainment industry in India is developing rapidly, while there is a huge chance of getting jobs after hospitality courses with large hotel chains to take advantage of the growing tourism business in India.


Apart from that, the Indian educational sector is seeing a rise in the popularity of vocational courses among students who are seeking skill-training and job-oriented courses.


Design, Marketing and Advertising, and Hospitality are among the most selected vocational courses. Through these courses, students get the chance to explore new opportunities and master the skills required for specific jobs.