经典科幻文学:《基本上无害 Mostly Harmless》 第17章9
日期:2016-01-10 14:33


‘Let me put it another way,’ said the bird. ‘Reverse engineering enables us to shortcut all the business of waiting for one of the horribly few spaceships that passes through your galactic sector every year or so to make up its mind about whether or not it feels like giving you a lift. You want a lift, a ship arrives and gives you one. The pilot may think he has any one of a million reasons why he has decided to stop and pick you up. The real reason is that I have determined that he will.’


‘This is you being extremely vain isn’t it, little bird?’


The bird was silent.


‘OK,’ said Random. ‘I want a ship to take me to Earth.’


‘Will this one do?’


It was so silent that Random had not noticed the descending spaceship until it was nearly on top of her.


Arthur had noticed it. He was a mile away now and closing. Just after the illuminated sausage display had drawn to its conclusion he had noticed the faint glimmerings of further lights coming down out of the clouds and had, to begin with, assumed it to be another piece of flashy son et lumiere.


It took a moment or so for it to dawn on him that it was an actual spaceship, and a moment or two longer for him to realise that it was dropping directly down to where he assumed his daughter to be. That was when, rain or no rain, leg injury or no leg injury, darkness or no darkness, he suddenly started really to run.


He fell almost immediately, slid and hurt his knee quite badly on a rock. He slithered back up to his feet and tried again. He had a horrible cold feeling that he was about to lose Random for ever. Limping and cursing, he ran. He didn’t know what it was that had been in the box, but the name on it had been Ford Prefect, and that was the name he cursed as he ran.


The ship was one of the sexiest and most beautiful ones that Random had ever seen.


It was astounding. Silver, sleek, ineffable.


If she didn’t know better she would have said it was an RW6. As it settled silently beside her she realised that it actually was an RW6 and she could scarcely breathe for excitement. An RW6 was the sort of thing you only saw in the sort of magazines that were designed to provoke civil unrest.


She was also extremely nervous. The manner and timing of its arrival was deeply unsettling. Either it was the most bizarre coincidence or something very peculiar and worrying was going on. She waited a little tensely for the ship’s hatch to open. Her Guide – she thought of it as hers now – was hovering lightly over her right shoulder, its wings barely fluttering.


  • shouldern. 肩膀,肩部 v. 扛,肩负,承担,(用肩)推挤
  • vainadj. 徒劳的,无效的,自负的,虚荣的
  • astoundingadj. 令人惊骇的 动词astound的现在分词形式
  • displayn. 显示,陈列,炫耀 vt. 显示,表现,夸示
  • coincidencen. 巧合,同时发生
  • reversen. 相反,背面,失败,倒档 adj. 反面的,相反的,
  • determinedadj. 坚毅的,下定决心的
  • faintn. 昏厥,昏倒 adj. 微弱的,无力的,模糊的 v.
  • unsettlingadj. 使人不安的;(消息)扰乱的 v. 动乱不定;心
  • pilotn. 飞行员,领航员,引航员 vt. 领航,驾驶,向导