经典科幻文学:《 基本上无害 Mostly Harmless》 第12章11
日期:2015-11-28 10:32


He was using the last of the year’s salted meat. It was a little past its best now, but still the rich savour of Perfectly Normal Beast meat was something unsurpassed in any of the Sandwich Maker’s previous experience. Next week it was anticipated that the Perfectly Normal Beasts would appear again for their regular migration, whereupon the whole village would once again be plunged into frenetic action: hunting the Beasts, killing perhaps six, maybe even seven dozen of the thousands that thundered past. Then the Beasts must be rapidly butchered and cleaned, with most of the meat salted to keep it through the winter months until the return migration in the spring, which would replenish their supplies.


The very best of the meat would be roasted straight away for the feast that marked the Autumn Passage. The celebrations would last for three days of sheer exuberance, dancing and stories that Old Thrashbarg would tell of how the hunt had gone, stories that he would have been busy sitting making up in his hut while the rest of the village was out doing the actual hunting.


And then the very, very best of the meat would be saved from the feast and delivered cold to the Sandwich Maker. And the Sandwich Maker would exercise on it the skills that he had brought to them from the gods, and make the exquisite Sandwiches of the Third Season, of which the whole village would partake before beginning, the next day, to prepare themselves for the rigours of the coming winter.


Today he was just making ordinary sandwiches, if such delicacies, so lovingly crafted, could ever be called ordinary. Today his assistant was away so the Sandwich Maker was applying his own garnish, which he was happy to do. He was happy with just about everything in fact.


He sliced, he sang. He flipped each slice of meat neatly on to a slice of bread, trimmed it and assembled all the trimmings into their jigsaw. A little salad, a little sauce, another slice of bread, another sandwich, another verse of Yellow Submarine.


‘Hello, Arthur.’


The Sandwich Maker almost sliced his thumb off.


The villagers had watched in consternation as the woman had marched boldly to the hut of the Sandwich Maker. The Sandwich Maker had been sent to them by Almighty Bob in a burning fiery chariot. This, at least, was what Thrashbarg said, and Thrashbarg was the authority on these things. So, at least, Thrashbarg claimed, and Thrashbarg was… and so on and so on. It was hardly worth arguing about.


  • previousadj. 在 ... 之前,先,前,以前的
  • freneticadj. 发狂的,狂热的
  • migrationn. 移民,移往,移动
  • anticipatedadj. 预期的;期望的 v. 预料(anticipat
  • thumbn. 拇指 v. 翻阅,示意要求搭车
  • slicen. 薄片,切片 vt. 切成薄片,削
  • exquisiteadj. 精挑细选的,精致的,细腻的,强烈的 n. 过分
  • authorityn. 权力,权威,职权,官方,当局
  • consternationn. 惊愕,恐怖,惊惶失措
  • sheeradj. 纯粹的,全然的,陡峭的 adv. 完全地,峻峭