全球50佳餐厅出榜 中国继续榜上无名
日期:2014-05-04 11:38


While Ren谷 Redzepi's Noma restaurant reclaimed its title as the top spot at the unveiling of the annual S. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants, the culinary world's version of the Oscars, how did Asia's top chefs fare?
堪称餐饮界奥斯卡(Oscars)的2014年度圣培露(S. Pellegrino)全球50家最佳餐厅(World's 50 Best Restaurants)榜单近日出炉,Rene Redzepi经营的Noma餐厅重登榜首。那么,亚洲的顶级厨师表现如何呢?

In all, eight restaurants from Asia and Australia made the top 50, down from nine in the previous year. Most of those who made the list moved up on the ranking, while the list shut out two major culinary centers: China and India.
Nahm, the region's top restaurant which serves traditional Thai cuisine in Bangkok by Australian chef David Thompson, moved to No. 13, up 19 places from last year's list. Meanwhile, Les Creations de Narisawa, a Tokyo mainstay on the list in recent years with it sophisticated Japanese-French hybrid cuisine, came in at No. 14, up from last year's No. 20. Narisawa, led by Yoshihiro Narisawa, was the top-ranked Asian restaurant on the list in 2012 and 2013.
Luke Duggleby for The Wall Street Journal Nahm餐厅的一道美食。Nahm是一家位于曼谷的高级餐厅,主要供应传统泰式美食,由澳大利亚厨师戴维·汤普森(David Thompson)掌勺,今年它的排名上升19个名次,至第13位。同时,近年来东京餐馆界的明星──以复杂的日法混合菜式闻名的Les Creations de Narisawa排名上升至第14位,去年排名第20位。日本名厨成泽由浩(Yoshihiro Narisawa)掌舵的Narisawa餐厅分别于2012和2013年连续蝉联亚洲最佳餐厅。
Gaggan, a Bangkok restaurant by Gaggan Anand that marries molecular gastronomy techniques with Indian food, made its debut on the list at No. 17. The restaurant was given 'highest new entry award' for its showing.
Amber, Hong Kong's top French spot led by Richard Ekkebus, came in at No. 24, up 12 spots from 2013. And Attica, the lone representative from Australia, ranked 32nd, down from its No. 21 debut in 2013.
由Richard Ekkebus执掌的香港顶级法式餐厅Amber位居排行榜第24位,较2013年上升了12个名次。唯一一家澳大利亚餐厅──Attica排名第32位,2013年为第21位。
Singapore boasted two on the list: Restaurant Andre at No. 37 (up from No. 38 last year) and Waku Ghin re-entered the list at No. 50.
新加坡的两家餐厅Restaurant Andre和Waku Ghin榜上有名,分别排在第37位(去年为第38位)和第50位。
The order of appearance of Asia's top restaurants wasn't a surprise -- already, the spinoff Asia's 50 Best Restaurant list was revealed in February and placed Nahm on the top of its region. But the global list wasn't revealed until Monday evening in London at a red-carpet event that brought the 50 chefs together for a big party and unveiling.
亚洲顶级餐厅排名并不让人意外,因为亚洲50家最佳餐厅(Asia's 50 Best Restaurant)已在2月份公布,Nahm名列榜首。但是,直到周一晚间在伦敦举办的红毯之夜,全球排名的神秘面纱才得以摘下。当时有50位名厨参与了这场揭幕盛宴。
For the culinary world, the annual unveiling of the list is the biggest event on the foodie calendar and a mention on the list will boost business and prestige. Organized by U.K-based 'Restaurant' magazine since 2004, the list is created annually from the votes of over 936 chefs, food writers and other culinary insiders separated into 26 separate regions. Each region has 36 members, who each cast seven votes. At least three votes must be outside of the member's own region.
Long criticized for its bias towards Europe and the U.S., the list remains dominated by restaurants in the West. Noma unseated last year's top-ranked El Celler de Can Roca from Spain, which fell to second place. Osteria Francescana in Italy ranked third, followed by U.S. restaurants Eleven Madison Park and Coi. The highest-ranking restaurant outside of Europe or the U.S. was seventh-ranked D.O.M., in São Paulo, Brazil.
虽然榜单中对于欧洲和美国的青睐长期以来遭受非议,但今年排名的大赢家仍是西方国家。Noma战胜了去年排名首位的西班牙餐厅El Celler de Can Roca再次夺冠,El Celler de Can Roca屈居第二。位于意大利的酒馆餐厅(Osteria Francescana)排名第三,随后为美国餐厅Eleven Madison Park和Coi。除去欧洲和美国地区之外,位于巴西 保罗的顶级餐厅D.O.M.排名第七。
Asia's restaurants are gaining representation, but China and India were shut out of this year's ranking. Mr. & Mrs. Bund, a French restaurant headed by Paul Pairet in Shanghai, was No. 43 in 2013, but didn't make the 2014 list. No Indian restaurant has appeared on the list since 2006. And never has a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine cracked the top 50.
亚洲餐厅正竭力表现的更加完美,但今年中国和印度的餐厅却未能跻身前50。法国名厨Paul Pairet在上海开设的创意法国菜餐厅Mr. & Mrs. Bund 2013年排在第43位,2014年却未能上榜。印度餐厅则从2006年以来在榜单上就无踪迹可循。同时,全球排名前50的餐厅中从未出现过中餐餐厅的名字。

  • appearancen. 外表,外貌,出现,出场,露面
  • calendarn. 日历,月历,日程表 vt. 把 ... 列入日程表
  • entryn. 进入,入口,登记,条目
  • faren. 路费,食物 vi. 过活,进展,进食 vi.
  • hybridn. 混血儿,杂种,混合物
  • previousadj. 在 ... 之前,先,前,以前的
  • separaten. 分开,抽印本 adj. 分开的,各自的,单独的 v
  • debutn. 初次登场,首次露面 v. 初次登场
  • sophisticatedadj. 诡辩的,久经世故的,精密的,老练的,尖端的
  • chefn. 厨师,主厨