日期:2012-12-15 10:07


City workers and tourists did a double take this morning as a giant 50ft-tall rubber duck sailed up the Thames.
The bright yellow duck, weighing half a ton, looked quite at home amongst the shiny towers of the City as it set sail on its mission to make people laugh in the capital today.
It was launched to publicise a new £250,000 bursary designed to encourage people in the UK to have more fun.
The oversized bath toy was launched from West India Dock in the Isle of Dogs, east London, at 8.30 this morning.
It floated along the Thames past the O2, the glittering towers of Canary Wharf, and on towards Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast as part of a publicity stunt organised by a website.
作为某网站宣传策略的一部分,大黄鸭途径O2体育场,金融中心金丝雀码头,然后沿着泰晤士河经过伦敦塔桥和贝尔法斯特 号巡洋舰。
Former Carry On and EastEnders actress Barbara Windsor, who saw the duck off at West India Dock is patron of Jackpotjoy.com's new Facebook FUNdation, part of a marketing campaign to grant funds to people who have good ideas to make people laugh.
曾出演《加油》和《伦敦东区》的女演员芭芭拉·温莎是这项活动的赞助人,该活动由Jackpotjoy.com新成立的Facebook FUNdation基金举办,旨在征集一些能让大家会心一笑的方案,网站会为评选出来的方案提供资金。
She said: 'We thought a giant rubber duck floating down the River Thames was a great way to kick the FUNdation off, and it definitely raised a smile and a chuckle from everyone who saw it.
'After the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant, the floating Olympic rings and David Beckham jetting into the Olympic opening ceremony, the Thames really has seen it all this year.
'The giant duck was a perfect way to round it all off and it certainly cheered everyone up. No one could suppress a smile as they saw it sailing past on its way to HMS Belfast.'
Miss Windsor, who is patron of the FUNdation, said she hoped the duck stunt would encourage people to come up with their own ideas.
'We now want people to send us their own entries of wacky things they'd like to do, and we'll provide funding for the best ones.'
A team of eight people spent more than 800 man-hours cutting and welding together the parts for the duck to ensure it was airtight before it took to the water this morning.
'We want to make sure we get the laughter quota back where it belongs and are hoping the FUNdation will help people have some daft fun. If you want to organise the biggest ever street conga, or jump into a pool of jelly, let us know.'
“我们想把笑声带回我们的生活中,也希望FUNdation基金能帮助人们获得更多乐趣。 如果你想在大街上组织一场规模空前的康茄舞,或者想跳进果冻游泳池,请告诉我们。”
According to the research commissioned by the website, adults in Britain laugh an average 7.2 times day, while psychologists recommend we should do it 15 times a day to stay happy and healthy.
Consultant psychologist Anjula Mutanda said: 'The importance of laughter and joy cannot be underestimated. Research shows that 60 years ago we used to laugh for up to 18 minutes a day but today this figure has gone down to six minutes. We should be laughing more than we are.'

  • grantn. 授予物,补助金; 同意,给予 n. 财产转让 vt
  • underestimatedvt. 低估;看轻 n. 低估
  • psychologistn. 心理学家
  • airtightadj. 密封的,不透气的,无懈可击的
  • campaignn. 运动,活动,战役,竞选运动 v. 从事运动,参加竞
  • publicityn. 公众的注意,宣传,宣扬,宣传品,广告
  • pageantn. 盛会,游行,壮丽的场面,选美
  • minutesn. 会议记录,(复数)分钟
  • canaryn. 金丝雀,加那利舞,加那利白葡萄酒,告密者
  • figuren. 图形,数字,形状; 人物,外形,体型 v. 演算,