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成品 finished products
人才 talent/competent personnel human resources
半成品 semi-finished products
滞销货 unsalable product
打工妹 country girls working in cities
服务业 service industry
利改税 substitution of tax payment for profit delivery
生产力 productive forces
出资方式 means of contributing investment
传统产品 traditional products
窗口行业 service trades
创汇产品 hard currency-earning exports
资本项目 capital account
包工包料 contract for labor and material
采矿工业 mining industry
操作方法 working technique; method of operation
草根工业 grassroots industry
代理协议 agency agreement
电力工业 power industry
产品设计 design of products
朝阳产业 sunrise industry
成套设备 whole sets of equipment
驰名商标 well-known trademark
电子工业 electronics industry
独家代理 sole agency; exclusive agent
纺织工业 textile industry
服装工业 clothing industry
钢铁工业 iron and steel industry
隔离开关 isolating switch
工程绘图 engineering drawing
工业基地 industrial base
工业停滞 industrial stagnation
工业园区 industrial park
公开招标 public bidding; open tender
国有企业 state-owned enterprise
合营期限 contractual term of a joint venture
合作方式 methods of cooperation
后备工业 supporting industry
化学工业 chemical industry
基础工业 basic industry
技术入股 technology invested as capital stock
技术转让 technology transfer
加工工业 processing industry
尖端产品 highly sophisticated/state-of-the-art product
建筑工业 building industry
来料装配 assembling with supplied parts
龙头产品 flagship product
龙头老大 leading enterprise; flagship of the industry
内联企业 inland associated enterprises
配套工程 auxiliary/supporting project
配套资金 supporting funds
批量生产 mass production
切削工具 cutting tool
升级换代 upgrading and updating
生产资料 capital goods
市场疲软 a market slump
市场准入 market access
拳头产品 highly competitive product
人才市场 human resources market
私营部门 the private sector
乡镇企业 township enterprises
以销定产 fix production target according to marketability
知识产权 bids for technology
主导工业 leading industry
抓大放小 invigorate large enterprises while relaxing control over small ones
专利技术 patented technology
产地证明书 certificate of origin
工业增加值 industrial added value
企业所得税 corporate income tax
出口转内销 domestic sales of commodities originally produced for exports

  • inlandadj. 内陆的,国内的 adv. 内陆地 n. 内陆
  • jointadj. 联合的,共同的,合资的,连带的 n. 关节,接
  • domesticadj. 国内的,家庭的,驯养的 n. 家仆,佣人
  • transfern. 迁移,移动,换车 v. 转移,调转,调任
  • corporateadj. 社团的,法人的,共同的,全体的
  • traditionaladj. 传统的
  • basen. 基底,基础,底部,基线,基数,(棒球)垒,[化]碱
  • competentadj. 有能力的,胜任的,足够的
  • switchn. 开关,转换,鞭子 v. 转换,改变,交换,鞭打
  • exclusiveadj. 独占的,唯一的,排外的 n. 独家新闻,独权