美文串记考研英语词汇:第24课 冬夜里的最后心愿
日期:2017-12-13 09:51


The Last Wish in a Winter Night
Kent was a manger of a cement agency. His establishment nearly had gone bankrupt because one of his inferiors betrayed him. He lost his tongue in reality. Just now Kent had made a presentation to the board in the chamber, conceding the failure of his administration. He had temporarily stopped the provision of cement in all projects.
It was a cold winter midnight. In corridor, the thermometer suspended showed the temperature was minus 9 degrees centigrade. The tragedy blurred Kent's mind, so he steered to a bar alone. He wanted nothing but to drink liquor tonight.
There were few people in the street. Suddenly, a figure of an old madam exposed within his eyesight. She was standing sideways nearby a platform, dressed in a plain gown, wore a woolen scarf, hauling a portable suitcase, and holding with a plastic bag in the other hand. The slight old lady was seemingly more than 80. She was trembling in cutting wind with red nose. Now she kept motioning to Kent for a ride. Although Kent was somewhat angry about the old madam's disturbing and he wasn't induced at all to inquire any occurrence concerning her, he wouldn't like to leave her in the cold night. He thought that she presumably needed help. So he braked near her.
大街上空无一人。突然,在车子前方出现了一个老妇人侧身站在站台旁,拖着一个便携式的行李箱,提着一个塑料袋。老人看上去已有80多岁,她穿着长袍,围着一条羊毛围巾,瘦弱的身躯,鼻子通红,站在寒风中瑟瑟发抖。此时,她不停地向肯特的车子招手。尽管肯特有些懊恼,也无心理会老人身上发生了什么 ,但不忍把她丢在这寒夜中。肯特想老人可能需要帮助。于是,他刹车停在了老人的面前。


The madam pointed her wallet and said, "Would you please take me a ride? I can offer double fare…"
Kent interrupted her, "I will charge you nothing! Come on!"
The madam pointed her luggage (baggage) and said, "Could you put them into the car?"
Kent stooped, heaved and put them in the car.
They proceeded to drive. Kent halted at a petroleum station where he wanted to purchase gallons of gasoline. During the interval they waited in a queue, the madam began with her narratives, "Could you please send me to the charity house in suburb, I want to give them the luggage. I had been rendered help as a refugee there 50 years ago." Kent was confused about the identity and behavior of the madam, so he asked, "Why do you do this at midnight?" The madam replied, "I retired on a pension. They prohibit (forbid) me from coming out during the day. In the case are the surplus jackets, jeans and pants of my nephews and nieces."
After 2 hours' bump, Kent went out the entry of the charity house. They continued.
"Please wait a moment, Sir!" The madam said suddenly, fixed her eyesight on an old building. "You know the first house in the uppermost storey was the first home my husband and I leased (rented) where I dialed the up-to-date videophone the first time in my life. The landlord was a good guy." She burst into tears, "Now they've all gone to the heaven." Kent realized the madam was recalling a section (segment) of the good missing days. A penetrating feeling overwhelmed him, and he decided to cancel his plan and stay with the old madam.
As the old madam dictated, they went to a golf playground. The region, she said, was a dairy dozens of years ago. Everyday she went to the farm with sleeve covers, cushion, jar, towel and other auxiliary appliances. Her main work was to squeeze, transport and distribute milk. She also bred the cow sometimes.
Then the old madam instructed, "Please send me to the rest home in the town, sir." Hearing this, Kent pulsed quickly. He knew the rest home was prescribed for the cancer patients who were diagnosed without any remedy."
"I will soon die of liver cancer. I come out to say goodbye to my life. Now I will have no regrets before death. Thanks for your help!" The madam made an explanation with smile, walking into a timber room. Kent was dumb for a while. He was chewing what the madam said, happily thinking of her life without any regrets.