美文串记考研英语词汇:第6课 带有金色窗户的房子
日期:2017-11-01 08:43


The House with a Golden Window
In the bowels of a mountain of frontier zone, a little boy lived in a crude house, which could only accommodate five people of his household. There was not any railroad, freeway highway or even a pub (an inn) around the mountain .His ancestors and he were the exclusive inhabitants on the mountain for several centuries.
As he was 6 years old, he could see a wonderful house across the valley on a higher altitude of the opposite mountain, which had a golden window. He fancied that the emperor, prince and princess in fable must have been living in that kind of palace. Sometimes, in order to assure himself that it was an authentic house, the innocent boy often stared at it, with exceeding thirst for living in it.
6 years later, the little boy believed that he had acquired plentiful knowledge and skills to dominate his life. Accordingly, he made a farewell to his grandmother and parents, and flung himself to the expedition with a manual kit, which was made of the fabric that was weaved by his mother. There was a coil of nylon cord, a saw and other implements in it.
In spite of the hindrance of the muddy and slipper slope, for the impulse of his keen desire, he probed the road through thorns with a stick and proceeded towards the house consistently.
As he mounted the summit, he focused on the trail that led to the house and then on it. It seemed to appear an abnormal phenomenon - the house vanished weirdly and was replaced by a ugly and shabby house, which was comparable with his little house in every inch, and it windows were plain and rather dirty.
当登上山顶,他的目光从通向房子的小路移到那座房子。似乎发生了一个异常的现象 — 那个房子神秘地消失了,取而代之的是一个丑陋的,跟他家类似的小房子,房子的窗户很普通而且很脏。


After opening the door, he found that the house was a obsolete mill in a state of disorder. In the center of the house, the tools which could grind wheat into flour were covered with thick dust and the trace of mice, a rude donkey saddle and some stained sacks lying nearby it. In one corner, a primitive rack was full of cracks, spider was spinning web on it, and some fragments of mat were underneath it. In another corner, there was a stack of straw in mess, a rusted spade and a leaky barrel.
The little boy was extremely disappointed. When he was ready to leave, he detected a sight which amazed him – there was his little house across the valley on the lower mountain and its window was shining with golden color identically - as the midday daylight (sunshine) was shinning on the glass of its window…
This story gives us a hint (cue) that we shouldn’t be blind to the welfare in our real life. What we need is to adjust and convert our ritual notions (concepts), to find and enjoy the happiness that belongs to us.

  • frontiern. 边界,边境,尖端,边缘
  • accommodatevi. 使自己适应 vt. 使一致,和解;提供方便;容纳
  • spiten. 恶意,怨恨 vt. 刁难,伤害
  • obsoleteadj. 已废弃的,过时的
  • rudeadj. 粗鲁的,无礼的 adj. 粗糙的,粗野的
  • cuen. 暗示,提示,信号 vt. 给 ... 提示,把 .
  • altituden. 高度,海拔,高地
  • impulsen. 冲动,驱动力,倾向,心血来潮 vt. 推动
  • plainn. 平原,草原 adj. 清楚的,坦白的,简单的,平坦
  • keenadj. 锋利的,敏锐的,强烈的,精明的,热衷的