日期:2014-02-25 16:45


  Dear officer:
  In 01/01/2000, I took flight CA983 from Beijing to Los Angeles. When the flight arrived at Los Angeles, because of my carelessness, I left my handbag, a black leathered bag, on my seat. There are some important things in it, including my passport, ID card, credit card, some checks and one thousand US Dollars. But the most important thing is my business address book, in which record all my clients'phone numbers and appointment agenda in the following two weeks.
  Since this bag is very important to me, my friends told me that I should contact your department to seek help, so I write this letter to you anxiously. Hope you and your staff can help me find my lost bag. Your meticulous and warmhearted help will be greatly appreciated.
  For information about my lost thing, please contact me in the following ways.
  Mobile phone: 13901160626
  Home phone: 82326258
  Office phone: 82326255
  Yours sincerely
  Will Smith

  • agendan. 议事日程
  • flightn. 飞行,航班 n. 奇思妙想,一段楼梯 n.
  • carelessnessn. 粗心
  • addressn. 住址,致词,讲话,谈吐,(处理问题的)技巧 vt.
  • creditn. 信用,荣誉,贷款,学分,赞扬,赊欠,贷方 (复)c
  • sincerelyadv. 真诚地,真心地
  • appreciatedvt. 欣赏;感激;领会;鉴别 vi. 增值;涨价
  • meticulousadj. 一丝不苟的,精确的