雅思口语真题精讲:Weather and Climate
日期:2013-11-05 16:41


  Weather and Climate
  What type of weather do you like?
  I love sunny days with azure skies. So I can do a lot of outdoor activities.
  I love cold weather and particularly enjoy it when it snows.
  I love rainy days, because I love the feeling of walking in rain.
  Spring: warm, windy, dusty, sand-storm, flowers blossoming
  Summer: Hot, rainy, wet (lots of rain), stormy, humid, sunny, stuffy, sweltering, sauna-like
  Fall/autumn: Cool, crisp, mild, cozy, clear/azure sky, golden season
  Winter: Cold, freezing, snowy, icy, short days, long nights
  What type of weather do Chinese people usually like?
  I think it really varies according to age, where they live, and what they love to do with their time. Generally most Chinese people like sunny days, though some people may like rainy days, particularly those live in arid places.
  Which is your most/least favorite season?
  I love fall more than any other seasons. During fall, the temperature is neither very hot nor very cold, just crisp. And the humidity is neither too high nor too low. In addition, it is also a golden season, a season of harvest.
  Well, I find winter is the hardest season of all. I just hate cold weather. To begin with, it really bothers me when I am down with flu. Plus, I have to wear a lot to keep my body warm in order not to catch a cold. It just makes me look as stupid as a bear.
  Do you do different things in summer and in winter?
  Of course. In summer I tend to do more outdoor activities, whereas I spend most of my time at home in winter, surfing on internet, for example.
  …, whereas …
  …, but on the contrary …
  …, while in the meantime …
  What do you often do on sunny/rainy days?
  I often do a lot of outdoor activities on sunny days, such as playing basketball, hiking to the nearest lake and so on.
  On rainy days, I would rather like to stay at home, either watching TV or taking a rest.
  What is the weather like in your city?
  Beijing has a typical temperate zone climate. During most time of the year, Beijing is dry. But in summer, when the weather becomes hot, it rains a lot. And in winter, the weather becomes very windy and it causes the temperature to drop sharply. Generally speaking, the four seasons in Beijing have their distinct features.
  Because my hometown is far from the sea, in general it is pretty dry. Winter is a bit cold, dry and windy, and with a bit of snow. Spring is short and windy. Summer is hot and slightly humid, and the temperature can go as high as 38 degrees Celsius. So it can be kind of uncomfortable in the summer unless you have air conditioning. Finally fall is probably the best season—it’s very comfortable—not windy, and not too cold or too hot like the other seasons.
  Does it rain much in China/your hometown?
  Yes and no. But generally speaking, it often rains a lot in summer while little or sometimes no rainfall in other seasons.
  This is a hard question, because the amount of rainfall varies according to different places and different seasons. In Northern China, for example, there is less rainfall than in the South.
  可以从地理和季节两个方面谈雨水的多少。考生要注意自己语言的运用,因为是概括,所以不应该使用绝对的词语。应常使用generally, more or less, presumably, approximately等表达推测,概数的词语。
  What is the rain distribution in China?
  Geographically speaking, there is a rather clear contrast between the North and the South in general that there is less rainfall in the North and inland areas than in the South and costal areas. However, when it comes to seasons, there tend to be the most rain in summer and least in winter.
  How does rain affect people’s lives?
  Rain affects people’s lives in many different ways. First and foremost, it greatly limits people’s outdoor activities. The traffic will have to slow down to avoid accidents. People will have to stay inside not to be drenched. The other way that rain affects people’s lives that I know of is that rain can either cause flood or relieve drought.
  What do you do on rainy days?
  If it is only dribbling, I would like to take a walk in the rain. I, sometimes, just enjoy the feeling of walking in and being wetted by the rain. But if it is a heavy rain, I’d just stay inside and do something like watching TV or taking a rest.
  I don’t really do much. I’ll just stay at home, trying to find something for myself to do, such as making a phone call or watching some TV.
  Do you like rainy days? Why or why not?
  Yes, I do. When it rains—I’m talking about light rain—I’d like to walk in the rain. It is a very interesting and different experience from other walking. I just enjoy it enormously.
  No, I don’t. Whenever it rains, I become a bit moody. I don’t like that feeling. In addition, rain also limits my outdoor activities that I will have to stay inside, which is often boring to me. So I don’t like rainy days.

  • slightlyadv. 些微地,苗条地
  • approximatelyadv. 近似地,大约
  • mildadj. 温和的,柔和的
  • inlandadj. 内陆的,国内的 adv. 内陆地 n. 内陆
  • droughtn. 干旱
  • uncomfortableadj. 不舒服的,不自在的
  • stuffyadj. (房间等)不通气的,(人或事物)沉闷乏味的,自
  • tendv. 趋向,易于,照料,护理
  • distinctadj. 独特的,不同的,明显的,清楚的
  • contrastn. 差别,对比,对照物 v. 对比,成对照 [计算机]