雅思口语激情之旅:Profession&Success Part 1(上)
日期:2011-11-03 17:00


1. What are your job prospects?
"prospects"这个词的意义很宽泛,可以理解成工作的前景、计划、期望、或者对未来工作的设想及展望等等。类似的问题还有What's your career plan?/What kind of job are you planning to take in the future?/What's is your favorite job?/What do you think of your future job?/Do you have any plan for the future job?等等。

Candidate 1: After graduation, I'm planning to find a job which can improve my abilities and support myself. Among the considerable choices, joining a foreign company is the best. That is my first step. Then I will change my job at a proper time. The second job must be a well-paid(高薪的), decent(体面的) one so that I can earn enough money. If everyone is going well, my final goal is to travel around the world and make contributions to our society by investing in hi-tech industry.
回答干脆利落,对未来工作的构想,提出的“三步走战略”步步为营,给人一种流畅的感觉。After graduation, Then和final goal分别提示了工作时间,起到很好的衔接作用。

Candidate 2: I've always had a dream of becoming a teacher. A doctor is allowed to usher(带来) life into the world in one magic moment. An architect knows that if he builds with care his structure may stand for centuries. A teacher is allowed to see that life is reborn each day with new questions, ideas and instructions, and he knows that if he builds with love and truth, what he builds will last forever. In my opinion, even if the names and faces have been forgotten but teachers' lessons and instructions will always be remembered by their students forever. Maybe several years later I'll stand in the front of a classroom giving lectures to my students. However, before that, I have to explore more effective teaching methods and I'm now looking forward to a revolution in the field of education which is launched(发动,发展) by myself.
开始的几个排比句列举了几个不同职业的特点,虽然用得很有气势,但是过于书面化,显得有些不自然。后面In my opinion话锋一转,把回答切换到现实中来,稍稍好些。

2. Is it easy for college students to get jobs? Why?

Candidate 1: I think it is not easy for graduates to find jobs, especially a satisfactory job. What leads to such an unpleasant situation? It's a complex social problem. First of all, there are too many graduates but limited jobs for them. With the developement of China, there are more and more universities being built and the amount of graduates. Besides, the country needs more and more advanced workers. But the professional workers' training is inferior in China. Furthermore, many graduates' capabilities are not good enough. In many universities, too relaxing studies lead to the poor abilities of many students. No pains no gains. If one doesn't work hard to improve himself, perhaps in the future, he will hardly find a job.
本题的应答关键在于分析原因或解决问题。Candidate 1分析了高校毕业生就业难的原因,即岗位有限,毕业生自身能力欠缺等。

Candidate 2: As college students have a higher education, this phenomenon(现象) may sound strange in the eyes of most people. There are two reasons behind. One is that some college students can't come to terms with(妥协,适应) the world around. They often consider too many factors such as salary, working conditions, partnership(伙伴关系) and so on. So jobs which can fit them become fewer. Another reason is that the major students pursue(从事) don't match with the demands of the job, and the result is that they miss the opportunities.
Candidate 2从另外两个角度分析了高校毕业生就业难的原因——期望值过高和专业不符。希望给大家一点启发。

Candidate 3: In my opinion, college students should know themselves well and they should pay more attention to their practical abilities. Now, the society needs people with special technique. If college students can speak foreign languages well, or use the computer well, or even can drive a car, it will become easier for them to find jobs. In a word, in the unversity, students should learn as much as possible and improve their practical abilities(实际能力). Only by doing this can they have a better future.
与前两个侧重与分析问题的回答不同的是,Candidate 3侧重于解决问题。然而,仅仅提出一条“培养实际能力”略显单薄。

3. If you can't find a job soon after graduation, what will you do?

Candidate 1: If I can't find a job soon after graduation, what will I do? It sounds like a serious question for me. First of all, I will tell myself "keep calm(保持冷静)" and try my best to be confident, Second, I will find employment ads(招聘广告) as many as possible on newspapers, Internet and so on. Third, I will keep in touch with(保持联系) my classmates and friends because maybe they will offer me some chances to find a job. Last, I must keep studying everyday. "It is never too old to learn." Having more knowledge is good for finding jobs. In a word, I will not lose my confidence and get worried if I can't find a job soon after graduation. Never give up and I will succeed.
非常务实而积极的回答,阐述得也很有条理。最后总结表示自己永不言弃。表示总结的表达。方法有:In conclusion, To sum up, Overall, All in all, On all accounts等。

Candidate 2: First, I will think over the reason why I couldn't be offered a job. Because nowadays more and more compaines are paying attention to the job experience during the period of univeristy, but I was absorbed in(全神贯注的) studying. Second, I will consider whether I might be able to become a young entrepreneur(企业家), because I always admire the founder(创立者) of KFC, who started from scratch(白手起家) and finally succeeded. Third, I will think about my dream—to be a teacher. But in order to realize it, I have to continue receiving higher education and make every effort to develop myself.
与Candidate 1不同的是,Candidate 2在列举出具体的应对措施之后又阐述了相应的原因,显得有理有据。

Candidate 3: If I can't find a job soon after graduation, I would continue studying and try to get a Master's Degree(硕士学位) to develop my diploma(文凭) because perhaps with more knowledge I can find a good job. Of course maybe there are some other ways to reach the goal, such as going abroad for study to taking some training classes.

4. Do you think you are qualified for a job in the future? Why?
这个问题其实相当于“Are you ready for a future job? Why?" 或者“Whatm preparations have you made for a future job?" 回答可以从多方面展开,比如在心理上,对自己有没有合适的定位;在文化素质方面,所掌握的专业知识或技能与社会要求是否符合。另外还可以从自己的社交能力、实践能力、兴趣爱好、家庭环境及背景等方面进行阐述。

Candidate 1: I think I am qualified for a future job. The first charater which is needed for a job is hard-working. No matter what kind of it is, achievements are always besed on perspiration. After 14 years' study, I could concentrate on a task for a long time and persist in(坚持) it when trouble comes. The second one is teamwork spirit, for friends and we are making many hand-made products together. Also I have joined several clubs in the university. Not only did I get the experience to work with other people, but also improved my communication skills. Besides, innovation(创新能力), professional knowledge(专业知识) and some others I will obtain soon. In conclusion, I believe I am qualified for a job in the future and I will be successful.
通篇传达了一个信息:I am ready. 措辞自信,逻辑严谨,具有一定的说服力。

Candidate 2: I think I will find a good job in the future so that high salary, wonderful cars and big houses are not far aways. Because I enjoy acquiring(获得,学习) new skills and information, which helps me adapt to the fast-changing world as well as pursuemy interests. In addition, a job with open prospects world give me constant incentive to improve myself and gain more knowledge. Moreover, some social practice will broaden my abilities and improve my interpersonal(人际的) skills, which are crucial to(关键的 ) any business endeavor(努力). Above all, I will try to improve myself and make myself the most capable one.
Candidate 2回答得很实在:“高薪、名车、豪宅——我来了!我自信,因为我有能力!” In addition 和Moreover 两个补充性的连接词用得不错,有类似用法的还有Furthermore, Besides等。

  • confidentadj. 自信的,有信心的,有把握的 adj. 易
  • broadenv. 变宽,伸广
  • advancedadj. 高级的,先进的
  • professionaladj. 职业的,专业的,专门的 n. 专业人员
  • incentiveadj. 刺激的,鼓励的 n. 刺激,鼓励,动机
  • complexadj. 复杂的,复合的,合成的 n. 复合体,综合体,
  • unpleasantadj. 使人不愉快的,讨厌的
  • techniquen. 技术,技巧,技能
  • innovationn. 创新,革新
  • socialadj. 社会的,社交的 n. 社交聚会