英语六级巅峰阅读附详解 第84期:家庭生活
日期:2015-08-29 19:20



Teenagers are spending more money than ever. Just last year, 31.6 million teens spent 155 billion, according to the North-brook, Illinois-based market research group Teenage Research Unlimited. Much of that money, of course, comes from parents.

Shocked at how much money kids spend? Maybe you haven't checked the price tags lately on some of the younger generation's must-haves.

To some, such extravagant spending on the notoriously fickle young might seem outrageous. Why do some parents give in?

One factor is surely the sheer power of marketing through mass media. According to the group Adbusters, teenagers are exposed to an estimated 3,000 advertisements each day. Combine the ads with programming itself, like the fashion-, music-and skin-filled shows on MTV, and you've got a barrage. of messages telling kids what they should own if they want to fit in.

"The pressures on parents today are enormous," says Tom Vogele, a single father of twin 18-year-old girls in Newport Beach, Calif. "I truly believe it is harder today to raise children without spoiling them, not because parents are less capable or lazy, but because so many forces are working against me."

Many working parents probably compensate by spending money on their kids, says Timothy Marshall, an associate professor of developmental psychology at Christopher Newport University in Virginia. For some, there is probably some guilt involved in not spending enough Lime at home. But, adds Marshall.spending money is a/so often more convenient in our fast-paced society than going to baseball games or other activities.

"It's easier to say let’s go out and spend some money, in terms of finding time in a busy schedule to spend with kids," Marshall said.

For many families, of course, keeping up with their children’s costly demands for designer clothing, CDs, and concert tickets is a financial impossibility. Even for those families who can afford such lavish spending, striking a compromise between spoiling the kids and denying them is tricky, but possible.

Teaching kids how to budget and save is key, Marshall says. Instead of just giving children the toys or clothing they desire, give them an allowance and show them how they can save up for whatever they want, he says.

And don't be afraid to just say no, Marshall adds. "We need to step up and tell kids where the boundaries are, that's part of our responsibility as parents,"he said.













21.In the first paragraph, "Northbrook" is most probably_____________.
A) a market research company based in Illinois
B) a spokesman for the Teenage Research Unlimited
C) the base of the Teenage Research Unlimited
D) the city where the spending survey was carried out

22.Some people find it outrageous that_______________.
A) some parents indulge their children in extravagant spending
B) some younger generation's must-have;s could cost so much
C) some parents are ignorant about their children's spending
D) some children disregard their notorious spending habits

23.What is the effect of marketing through mass media?
A) It fills the market with ads beyond the young's understanding.
B) It directs not only the trend but also the ways of advertising.
C) It stuffs all kinds of ads into TV shows and radio programs.
D) It triggers young people's desire Lo keep up with the trend.

24. According to Marshall, parents prefer to spend money on their children mainly because_________.
A) they can't afford the Lime to stay with their children
B) they want to make up their guilt for their children
C) they find it more convenient than going out with the children
D) they feel it is hard to raise children without indulging them

25.What does Marshall think parents should do with the children's spending habit?
A) They should refuse to pay for their lavish spending.
B) They should restrain the children's spending within limits.
C) They should be responsible for providing for the children.
D) They should draw up a budget plan for the children.


21.[C]根据首段第2句中的according co和Northbrook前的冠词the可以知道Northbrook及其后的所有内容应该是一个名词词组,表明该句里数据的来源。只有选项C符合这个要求。

22.[A]第3段首句中的To some spending on...seem outrageous表明有些人认为家长愿意在小孩身上花很多钱是使人难以忍受的,因此选项A为本题答案。