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  Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked [ A ], I B 1, [ C 1 and I D ] on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.
  As the pace of life continues to increase, we are fast losing the art of relaxation. Once you are in the 67 of rushing through life, being on the go from morning till night, it is hard to 68 down. But relaxation is essential for a 69 mind and body.
  Stress is natural part of everyday life and there is no way to 70 it. In fact, it is not the bad thing it is often 71 to be. A certain amount of stress is vital to provide 72 and give purpose to life. It is only 73 the stress gets out of control that it can lead to 74 performance and ill health.
  The amount of stress arsons can withstand depends very much 75 the individual. Some people are not afraid of stress, and 76 characters are obviously prime material for managerial responsibilities. Others lose 77 at the first signs of unusual difficulties. When 78 to stress, in whatever form, we react both chemically and 79 .
  In fact we make choice between "flight and fight" and in more primitive days the choices made the difference 80 life and death. The crises we meet today are 81 to be so extreme, but however little the stress, it 82 the same response. It is when such a reaction lasts long, through continued 83 to stress, that health becomes 84 Such serious conditions as high blood pressure and heart diseases have 85 links with stress. Since we cannot 86 stress from our lives (it would be unwise to do so even if we could), we need to find ways to deal with it.
  67. [A] routine [B] habit [C] principle [D] rule
  68. [A] slow [B] count [C] hold [D] knock
  69. [A] basic [B] wealthy [C] healthy [D] potential
  70. [A] avoid [B] manifest [C] surpass [D] pursue
  71. [A] suspected [B] surrendered [C] suspended [D] supposed
  72. [A] consideration [B] confidence [C] motivation [D] inspiration
  73. [A] when [B] which [C] why [D] what
  74. [A] prevalent [B] poor [C] primary [D] productive
  75. [A] to [B] at [C] in [D] on
  76. [A] such [B] as [C] so [D] thus
  77. [A] eyesight [B] heart [C] direction [D] interest
  78. [A] promised [B] encouraged [CJexposed [D] propelled
  79. [A] biochemically [B] physically [C] spiritually [D] materially
  80. [A} between [B] among [C] alike [D] into
  81. [A] unalike [B] unaware [C] unlikely [D] unknown
  82. [A] concludes [B] excludes [C] dissolves [D] involves
  83. [A] explosion [B] exposure [C] extension [D] expansion
  84. [A] endangered [B] inspired [C] harmful [D] frustrated
  85. [A] established [B] created [C] constructed [D] built
  86. [A] isolate [B] apart [C] refrain [D] remove

  71.D惯用搭配题。空格所在句意为:事实上,这并不像它经常_________的那样是个坏事。be supposed to do表示“应该,被期望”,符合句意,所以D正确。suspect意为“猜想;怀疑”;surrender意为“投降;放弃”; suspend意为“悬挂;延缓”。
  72.C词义辨析题。空格后的and说明provide_______和give purpose to life相并列。再看选项,能与“赋予生命意义”相并列的只有“提供动机”,所以C正确。
  74.B,词义辨析题。由and可以看出_______performance和ill health并列,poor符合句意,所以B正确。
  77.B词义辨析题。空格所在句意为:其他人刚遇到不常见的困难就失去_________。heart符合句意,lose heart意思是“失去勇气”,所以B正确。eyesight意为“视力”。
  78.C词义辨析题。空格所在句意为:当_____不管是什么样的压力时,我们……exposed符合句意,所以C正确。be exposed to意思是“遭受,暴露于……”。propel意为“推进,驱使”。

  • certainadj. 确定的,必然的,特定的 pron. 某几个,某
  • unawareadj. 没有发觉的,不知道的
  • withstandvt. 对抗,经得起,承受
  • exposuren. 面临(困难),显露,暴露,揭露,曝光
  • primeadj. 最初的,首要的,最好的,典型的 n. 青春,壮
  • primitiveadj. 原始的 n. 原始人,文艺复兴前的艺术家
  • surrenderv. 投降,让与,屈服 n. 投降,屈服,放弃
  • isolatevt. 隔离,使孤立 adj. 孤立的,单独的 n
  • productiveadj. 能生产的,有生产价值的,多产的
  • unusualadj. 不平常的,异常的