日期:2011-12-07 10:50


Part Ⅵ Translation (5 minutes)
87. Our efforts will pay off(回报,清偿) if the results of the research __________. (能应用于新技术的开发) (词组apply to、语态)

88. I can't boot my computer now. something __________ (一定出了毛病)with its operating system.(情态动词must表推测的用法)

89. Leaving one’s job, __________(无论是什么工作),is a difficult change, even for those who look forward to retiring.(状语从句)

90. __________ (与我成长的地方相比),this town is more prosperous and exciting. (非谓语动词—过去分词作状语、词组)

91. __________(直到他完成使命) did he realize that he was seriously ill.(倒装)(词组not… until、时态)

87. can be applied to the development of the new technology.
88. must be wrong
89. whatever job it is/ no matter what job it is
90. Compared with the place where I grew up
91. Not until he had finished the mission

  • retiringadj. 腼腆的,隐居的,不喜社交的 动词retire的
  • minutesn. 会议记录,(复数)分钟