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  In recent years, extravagance and waste have become increasingly serious in some of the university campus. We can see that papers, bottles and cans are thrown away after use; food is wasted just because of its poor taste; clothes are discarded simply owing to their old fashion. As a consequence, people in mounting numbers put great emphasis on creating a green campus。

  There are at least two criteria to distinguish what is green campus. On the one hand, natural resources must be conserved and made full use of, for example, we, as college students, should take the wise use of papers and second-hand textbooks into account. On the other hand, education to build up thrift habits must be promoted by relevant departments and professionals at various levels。

  Accordingly, it is necessary for us to take effective steps. For one thing, university authorities should respond with the demand for more rigid conservation of our natural resources, such as water, electricity, and so on. For another, we should enhance the awareness of college students that creating a green campus is of utmost significance to both our society and ourselves。


  1.B revising their financial aid polices

  2.D It cut its merit-based aid to help the needy students

  3.C attract good students

  4. D it’s not right to give aid to those who can afford the tuition

  5. B fierce competition among institutions

  6. B They regard it as a necessary evil

  7. C Many students from middle-income families have come to rely on it

  8. qualified

  9. recognizes

  10. excellence


  11.A, get some small change

  12.B, buying a gift for a child

  13.A, taking photographs

  14.B, he can provide little used information

  15.D, he knows his own imitations

  16.C, her gym exercise has yielded good results。

  17.D, The professor’s suggestion is constructive


  19.C ,he has to work during the day

  20.B,learn data processing

  21.C, every Monday, lasting for 12 weeks

  22.A, what to bring for registration。

  23.D. A financial trader

  24.B, He considers cooking creative

  25. D, It can be a good thing


  26. C Live is not possible in outer space。

  27. C It has a large ocean under its surface。

  28. A LIght is not an essential miles long

  29.B What Dr.Meyer's instructions exacty were。

  30.D She asks them to repeat what they are supposed to do。

  31.A it lacks the stability of the printed word。

  32.C Challenging work

  33.A Many tedious jobs continue to be done manually。

  34.D Give them responsibilities as part of team。

  35.B They concern a small number of the people only。


  In the humanities, authors write to inform you in many ways. These methods can be (36) classified into three types of informational writing:factual, descriptive, and process. Factual writing provides (37) background information on an author, composer or artist or on a type of music, literature, or art. Examples of factual writing include notes in the book jacket or (38) album cover and longer pieces, such as an article describing a style of music which you might read ina music (39 )appreciation course. This kind of writing provides a (40) context for your study of humanities. As its name(41) implies, descriptive writing simply describes or provides an (42) image of, a piece of music, art or literature. For example, descriptive writing might list the colors an artist used in a painting or the (43)instruments a composer included in the musical composition. So as to make pictures of sounds in the readers’ mind by calling up the specific details of the work.. (44) Descriptive writing in the humanities. particularly in literature is often mixed with critical writing .Process writing explains a series of actions that bring about a result. (45).It tells the reader how to do something, for example, explaining the technique used to shoot a film. This kind of writing is often found in art, where understanding how an artist created a certain effect is important. (46)Authors may actually use more than one type of technique in the given piece of informational writing。



  K recruited

  J recording

  L total

  C aspects

  B analyzed


  H quality

  N unsure

  G established

  A already

  E contributing


  passage one

  57. C She will present to the world a new image of African-American women

  58. B They are of an inferior social group

  59. D What Michelle should do as wife and mother in the White House

  60. C However hard she tries, she can’t expect to please everybody

  61. A Help change the prevailing view about black women

  passage two

  62. A Institution worldwide are hiring administrators from the U.S。

  63. B Their ability to raise funds

  64. D Most of their revenues come from the government

  65. A she was known to be good at raising money

  66. C They will view a lot of things from a new perspective


  67.B focuses

  68.D adequate

  69.A currently

  70.C challenges

  71.B retirement

  72.A over

  73.B learning

  74.D on

  75.C needs

  76.D portion

  77.A when

  78.C homes

  79.B ever

  80.A for example

  81.C adjust

  82.D to

  83.B unpredictably

  84.C available

  85.A sense

  86.D roles


  87. You would not have failed if___(按照我的指令去做)

  You had followed my orders。

  88. Despite the hardship he encountered, Mark never ___(放弃对知识的追求)

  abandoned the pursuit of knowledge。

  89. Scientists agree that it will be a long time before____(我们找到治愈癌症的方法)

  We find the cure for cancer。

  90. Production has to be increased considerably to ___ . (与消费者不断增长的需求保持同步)

  Keep up with the constantly growing needs of consumers。

  91. The more exercise you take, ____ 。(你越不大可能感冒)

  The less likely you are to catch a cold。

  • awarenessn. 认识,意识,了解
  • indifferentadj. 漠不关心的,无重要性的,中立的
  • challengingadj. 大胆的(复杂的,有前途的,挑战的) n. 复杂
  • compositionn. 作文,著作,组织,合成物,成份
  • extravagancen. 奢侈,浪费,放肆的言行
  • essentialn. 要素,要点 adj. 必要的,重要的,本质的
  • specificadj. 特殊的,明确的,具有特效的 n. 特效药,特性
  • availableadj. 可用的,可得到的,有用的,有效的
  • effectiveadj. 有效的,有影响的
  • conservationn. 保存,防止流失,守恒,保护自然资源