BBC双语新闻讲解附字幕: BBC失去《英国家庭烘焙大赛》播出权
日期:2016-10-21 15:12





Now it’s one of BBC’s most popular TV programmes. That’s the theme tune of the Great British Bake Off. Last year’s final show was watched by 15 million people, the highest audience of any TV programme in 2015. The format has been sold to countries around the world where local versions are produced, now though it’s been confirmed that the BBC, a public service broadcaster has lost the contract to broadcast future series. I heard more from our arts correspondent Vincent Dowd.
Bake off has been a phenomenon ever since it started on air in 2010. This is the crux ofthe matter. It’s not made by the BBC. This is very much the way TV is going. It’s madeby an independent company called Love Productions. That’s the root to the problem-- the BBCbuys it. But it’s very much associated with the BBC. I think most people would say it feels a very BBC programme. However, there appears to have been a disagreement, very least about how much the BBC should pay for it at the end of this current contract. And it appears, this is not quite clear yet, but it appears that there will be no more bake offs on BBC television after the end of the series which just started last month.
Not made by the BBC but made popular by the BBC. But does it really matter that it’s not gonna be on Beeb any more?
Well, it’s part of a bigger picture, isn’t it? That public service broadcasting is being nibbled at around the edges. Finance is always limited. The equivalent for Top Gear, Grand Tour is going to be on Amazon Prime. It’s not going to be on traditional TV. Public service broadcasters in future won’t get their hands in full long the Olympics in they way they’re used to. So it’s not black and white but I think you see that the nature of broadcasting especially BBC, especially public service broadcasting is changing fairly rapidly.
Vincent Dowd.



As we record this podcast, the latest international ceasefire in Syria appears to be largelyholding. It was agreed by the US and Russia, then endorsed by the Syrian government. And it’s still not clear how the various Jihadist factions will react. The days leading up to the ceasefire were marked by an increasing bombing of rebel held cities like Aleppo.
We stand here and give a message that the Syrian state is determined to recover every areafrom the terrorists, reestablish safety and security, rebuild the infrastructure, rebuild everything.
The head of the Russian general staff’s main operations director said everything was ready on the Russian side to observe the ceasefire. But he warned there could still be attacks on certain targets.


1. Be associated with和…联系在一起;与…有关
例:KPIs can be associated with any activity in a process.
2. Nibble at一点一点地咬;吹毛求疵;啃
例:On the whole it's a good plan, at which we shouldn't nibble.
3. In future从今以后,往后
例:I asked her to be more careful in future.
4. Leading up to在…之前
例:They had a series of arguments, leading up to a decision to separate.
5. General staff总参谋部
例:He's promoted me to the general staff.

《家庭烘焙大赛》自2010年播出以来受到极大关注,问题的关键是这个节目不是由BBC制作的,电视行业向来如此,制作该节目的是名为“Love Productions”的独立公司tsI^&ua4r+%!。根本问题是BBC买了这个节目sO12*akHRuXrc9M|sn。但其实节目和BBC关联度非常高,我想多数人会说它的风格太像BBC了jw%iR[zn8IjFS=fAQ|q。但现在的争议的焦点似乎并不是BBC在当前合同结束时应为这个节目付多少钱,而是上个月刚开播的节目播出完后,BBC电视台好像不会再播放《烘焙师》这个节目了,然后这个消息还不确定^Hc%WFPhS0LDw#M
其实这是个大背景,不是吗?公共服务广播到处遭到排挤,资金受限CRc#4u*T#&wWtmyE]@。和Top Gear类似的节目Grand Tour将在亚马逊Prime上播出,而不是在传统电视上!Vq2m_0Ug3YZ。公共服务广播公司从今以后不会像以前一样完全深入奥运会了AgaVFlMmHff-6DTF(H。所以这个问题不是非黑即白,但我认为你可以看到,广播尤其是BBC,尤其是公共服务广播的性质正在迅速变化L7VT--d(0myk