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This is the BBC news. Hello, I am Johnson Izard. A riot between US Democrats and Republicans over emails has escalated, with Hillary Clinton's team accusing her rival Donald Trump of jeopardizing national security. It began when president Obama suggested that Russia might have helped Mr. Trump by leaking emails that embarrassed the Democratic Party leadership. Anthony Zecher reports. For days Democrats have accused Russia of hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee for Mr. Trump’s benefit. Now the Republican nominee has escalated the controversy by urging the Russians to continue their efforts. Russia, if you are listening, I hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. The Clinton campaign has responded that Mr. Trump is encouraging a foreign power to commit espionage. The Turkish authorities are shutting down dozens of media organization in the wake of the recent coup attempt. 45 newspapers and 16 television stations have been ordered to close. Nick Soul reports from Ankara. Each day the list gets longer, 3 news agencies, 16 television stations, 45 newspapers, 15 magazines and 29 publishing houses will be close down. The names have not yet been officially released. But Turkish media suggest that while most are relatively small provincial outlets, several dailies and agencies with national audience have also been targeted. President Endogen has also held talks with the leaders of the main opposition, Republicans and Nationalists. They defend the government’s actions, and suggest the depurges have not gone too far yet. Several major media outlets in France said they will no longer use photographs of killers responsible for terror attacks. In the past two weeks in France, Jihadists have killed 84 people under the wheels of a lorry drove into a crowd celebrating the national holiday, and on Tuesday murdered an 86-year-old priest in his church in Normandy. Hughes Goffield has the latest on the investigation from Paris. The investigation seems close to unearthing the identity of the second attacker, his face was badly disfigured when he was shot and killed. But police think he came from a town in the else, and they are waiting for DNA tests. One repercussion of Nice and Rouen attacks is a change in the way the French media is reporting on terrorism. Le Monde newspaper has announced it will no longer print photographs of people who carry out attacks, in order, it said in an editorial, to avoid posthumous glorification. Responding to the murder of the Catholic priest, Pope Francis says the recent spate of Jihadists attacks in Europe is proof that the world is, as he put it, at war. The Pope was careful to stress he didn't mean it was a war of religions. A BBC correspondent says by stating that all world religions strive for peace, the Pope implied that the perpetrators of terror attacks cannot be true believers of their face. World news from the BBC. Thousands of Zimbabweans have rallied in support of President Robert Mugabe who has faced growing dissent in recent weeks. Mr. Mugabe, who is 92, told the crowd in Harare that he was still in charge of Zimbabwe. Journalists tell those your representing that Robert Mugabe is still here, very strong. There, they are full easy headquarters, the headquarters of his party, that's where we decide, all the policies by people who love have me for yet sometime. He promised to punish the independence war veterans who last week accused him of dictatorial tendencies and misrule. Around 50 animals in one of Venezuela's main zoos are reported to have died over the last six months, because of the chronic food shortages caused by the severe economic crisis. A union leader for state park employees told the Reuters News Agency, some animals had spent two weeks without food before they died. Scientists searching for new medicines have found an anti-biotic in an unusual place, the human nose. The compound produced by nose-dwelling microbes can kill several dangerous pathogens. Here is James Gauha. Inside of our bodies there’s a microscopic war taking place between thousands of species of bacteria competing for food and space. There are searches studied how some species keep their rivals obey and discovered that a nostril-dwelling bacterium, Staphylococcus lugdunensis, was producing an anti-biotic. Tests published in the journal, Nature, showed the drug could kill superbugs including MRSA. New anti-biotics are desperately needed as doctors are struggling with the growing threat of untreatable infections. The last new class of the drugs to reach patients was developed decades ago, the study shows that our own bodies maybe a rich source of new drugs. BBC News.




1.escalate v 升级


例句:Local fighting threatens to escalate into full-scale war.


2.jeopardize v. 危及,危害,使……受困


例句:He has jeopardized the future of his government...


3.espionage n.间谍行动


例句:This is true in business and espionage because it opens up channels of communication more quickly than other approaches.


4.purge n/v.肃清(政敌等)


例句:He recently purged the armed forces, sending hundreds of officers into retirement.


5.posthumous adj.死后的


例句:He was buried with full military honours and posthumously awarded a Purple Heart.




1.I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.


be rewarded by 受到……的奖励,得到回报


例句:This would be rewarded by the rest of the world accepting the rise of China.


例句:On the other hand, for teachers’ priceless contribution, they should be rewarded by due attention and more benefits.


2.The Turkish authorities are shutting down dozens of media organization in the wake of the recent coup attempt.


in the wake of... prep ph. 在……之后,作为……的结果,仿效,紧紧跟随


例句:In the wake of developments in science and technology, man has become more capable of conquering nature.
随着科学技术的发展, 人们征服自然的能力也越来越强了m)|[v=1vNBnoiO


例句:With luck, something similar will soon happen in biology in the wake of such things as the Human Genome Project.








  • microscopicadj. 显微镜的,极小的,微观的
  • unusualadj. 不平常的,异常的
  • coupn. 政变,砰然的一击,妙计,出乎意料的行动
  • glorificationn. 赞颂
  • genomen. [生]基因组;[生]染色体组
  • compoundn. 混合物,复合词 n. 院子(用围墙圈起来的场地)
  • announced宣布的
  • espionagen. 间谍活动
  • terrorn. 恐怖,惊骇,令人惧怕或讨厌的人或事物
  • severeadj. 剧烈的,严重的,严峻的,严厉的,严格的