BBC双语新闻讲解附字幕:土耳其宣布进入紧急状态 美方调查马来西亚国有资金
日期:2016-07-24 20:09







The president of Turkey says he is imposing a three months state of emergency following last week’s failed military coup. The measure will enable Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government to bypass parliament and to limit or suspend rights. In a televised address, Mr. Erdogan said he would allow the authorities to take swift action against those responsible for the revolt. The purpose of the state of emergency is to take the necessary steps swiftly and effectively in order to eradicate this threat against democracy, the rule of law and right and freedom of our citizens. Malaysia says it will cooperate with any lawful investigation after the US Justice Department moved to seize assets worth more than a billion dollars from the state fund. The lawsuit alleges money from the Malaysian fund 1MDB was misused and spent on luxury properties, Hollywood movie productions and famous paintings. Loretta Lynch, she is a US attorney general. The one billion dollars and assets that we are discussing today are just a portion of the more than three billion dollars that was stolen from One MDB and laundered through the American Financial Institutions in violation of United States’ law. Unfortunately, sadly, tragically, a number of corrupt One MBD officials treated this public trust as a personal bank account. The fund was established and overseen by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. He has denied the allegations. A spokesman said if any wrong doing was proven, a law would be enforced. The World Anti-doping Agency, known as WADA, has restored the license of the new drug testing laboratory in Rio De Janeiro, allowing it to operate during the next Olympic Games. From Rio, here is Will Davis. Rio’s multi-million-dollar lab lost its license to operate after what WADA inspectors described as a failure to comply with the international standards. That left Rio 2016 officials facing an ignominious alternative of having to fly dozens of samples daily to Europe for testing. The brand new lab is only the second search facility in South America. It was rebuilt after the original laboratory also has lost its license before the 2014 Football World Cup, because of the obsolete equipment and incorrect results. The Republican nominee for vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, is due to speak at the party's convention, in support of his controversial running mate, Donald Trump. Delegates are also due to here for Mr. Trump’s defeated rivals and nomination campaign, senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Police clashed with demonstrators when a US flag was burnt near the convention center in Cleveland. You are listening to the latest world from the BBC. The government of Mali says it will extend a state of emergency by ten days to enable it to deal with worsening terrorist violence. The council of ministers also ordered three days of national mourning to remember 17 Malian soldiers killed on Tuesday when heavily armed men overrun their camp in the central town of Nampala. Two different groups have said they were behind the attack, the Islamist Militants and Sardian, and the group claiming to be acting in defense of Fulani tribal rights. Syria’s opposition has urged the US-led international coalition to suspend its airstrikes against the Islamic State militants. The Syrian National Coalition called for an investigation into the death of civilians in region near the IS-held town of Menbich. Minister showed more than 30 countries are in Washington to discuss the fight against IS. US Defense Secretary, Ashton carter, said military action may not be enough to defeat the group. The biggest strategic concern of this group of defense ministers was the stabilization and governance efforts will lag behind the military campaign. Making sure there is no such lag must be a significant strategic priority for us. The United States Justice Department has charged a Ukrainian man alleged to be the master man of the world biggest online piracy website. Artem Vaulin said to be the owner of the file shelling site, Kickass Torrents, is accused of money laundering and infringing copyright. He is alleged to have distributed more than a-billion-dollars-worth of pirated music and films over the last eight years. Researchers in Argentina say a fossil found more than a decade ago in Patagonia belong to a previously unknown species of meat-eating dinosaur which lived about 18 million years ago. They said the two and a half meter long creatures walked on two legs and was very fast.





1.bypass vt.绕过,避开,不顾


例句:A growing number of employers are trying to bypass the unions altogether.


2.eradicate vt.消灭,根除


例句:They are already battling to eradicate illnesses such as malaria and tetanus.


3.ignominious adj.可耻的,下流的


例句:After the ignominious defeat of 1967, the Arab states again rejected the idea of peace with Israel.


4.obsolete adj.废弃的,老式的,过时的,淘汰的


例句:So much equipment becomes obsolete almost as soon as it's made.


5.stabilization n.稳定


例句:Our goal must be the stabilization and normalization of life in Gaza.




1.The biggest strategic concern of this group of defense ministers was the stabilization and governance efforts will lag behind the military campaign.


lag behind v ph. 落后,拖欠


例句:One is that some countries still lag behind.


例句:She said girls outperforming boys in communication and creativity was of particular concern and boys should be encouraged to develop these skills so they did not lag behind in school or later life.
她说,值得特别关注的是女孩在交流和创造力方面的表现要优于男孩*SbQ^xcm]n91Z^bZ。 因此,我们应该鼓励男孩提高这些技能,这样他们在学校或日后生活中才不会落后qDgW(*W4FK5;E=lZ9Sk(.)fO


2.Rio’s multi-million-dollar lab lost its license to operate after what WADA inspectors described as a failure to comply with the international standards.


comply with v ph. 照做,遵守


例句:If you do not comply with these rules, the transaction strategy will not work.


例句:If we reinforce the traffic security education and more people comply with traffic regulations, I believe one day traffic accidents can be avoided.




继上周政变后,土耳其总统称其将发布为期三个月的紧急状态通告YUUfxqr7M2%!U。此举可使总统埃尔多安及其政府绕过国会,限制或禁止权利u|&J;EGMWxtl87c7。在电视直播的演说中,埃尔多安表示,他会让有关部门迅速采取行动,将叛乱之人绳之以法%Oi(K5%6%pg7o4b。发布紧急状态通告的目的是快速有效地采取必要行动,根除威胁,保护民主、法律、公民的权利和自由*;nU]1#L@]XlMpWkU|&。继美国司法部采取行动调查国库中抽走的10亿美元后,马来西亚方面表示会与其合作进行相关法律调查C#4CX^5b|xj2e。该诉讼案件称,马兰西亚国有资金一马发展有不正当使用的现象,并被用于购买豪宅、好莱坞电影作品和著名画作0iyAp9L0ry&zgo3T8NRQ。美国司法部部长林齐发表如下讲话8Eoo8Xh(2zCb。今天所讨论的主题是10亿美元,但这10亿美元只是从一马发展中窃取的30多亿美元中的一小部分,这些资金都通过多个美国金融机构进行洗钱操作,违反了美国法律A+aDvF*M)F#9XoP。很不幸、很悲伤、很悲剧的是,很多贪污腐败的一马发展官员都将公众的信任视为个人的银行账户0Yk&NLV-%3K。一马发展资金由马来西亚总理纳吉布创立并监管-+GDQR@tJj2~6Sp。纳吉布否认了各项指控D360hwp4od2LXKx。发言人称,如证实确有不法行为,会予以制裁Yrv^|4v~iaP@7k6(Y。世界反兴奋剂机构WADA重新授予里约新药测试实验室的许可证,允许其在奥运会期间运营9[F9mAPe7(lX;@Vv=。下面请听威尔为您发回的报道PRFcsSGA&U+Y。里约身价上百万美元的实验室曾因WADA检查认定不符合国际标准而失去运营许可证_zH[CFgwAVEDJw*Czy。没有运营许可证,里约奥组委的官员不得不每天将样品空运到欧洲检验,倍感耻辱edmsM|IxIPljJ。而再次受准运营的里约实验室也只是南非的第二家#7En+(fx!aYjr8AA6E。这家实验室在2014年世界杯后也被拿掉了许可证,原因是设备老旧导致测试结果不准确BuPD%LmV^3*=5,。而今这家实验室得到了重建!F=txfgnSa,i&0d。得到美国共和党副总统提名麦克将会在共和党党会上讲话,支持其备受争议的竞选伙伴特朗普tI.QkSJH6iTA。而特朗普的手下败将特德和马克罗也将参加此次党会q~HAfI8gK_yeY5p。示威者将克利夫兰会议中心外的美国国旗烧毁,警方因此与其发生冲突W4~zN)B,NzLV_erQ。您正在收听的是BBC最新国际新闻.4GPf#F|)[BY#)Jj3。马里官方称其会将紧急状态延长10天,以期对抗愈发恶化的恐怖暴力形势k|kJDxdW=04iC。此外,马里内阁要求全国为周二牺牲的17名马里士兵默哀三天IQkg-T5B7-.=.@fpH4Y8。这17名士兵在Nampala镇受到武装分子袭击#vC@cxlrf+Mn]hEpor#J。对此,有两方不同势力称自己为幕后黑手,分别是伊斯兰恐怖分子与萨迪斯人Js;v*f=_8RiD6)r1.[。其中,后者称其举目的是为富拉尼族报仇雪恨!YRdmlhyRQuvtc6J。叙利亚反对派全国联盟要求美国领导的国际联盟停止针对IS分子的空袭O^W&@z.oVr]q)W。叙利亚反对派全国联盟呼吁对死伤平民进行调查)v=acFk[b4。有官员表示,有30多个国家都在华盛顿讨论对抗IS的事宜P!0xb(x%pSOx。美国国防部长阿什顿称,军事行动还不足以击溃ISrljJ1GOg^d)d%sO*。目前最大的战略关切是稳定,以及政府的行动是否足以抵御IS的军事行动vaz(5%Ov)vjbMS10。确保政府军事行动不会落后于IS方面,是我们当前的首要战略任务OC]SNot0GpzEG,0。美国司法部已对一名乌克兰男子进行控诉,称其是全球最大盗版网站的幕后黑手u-z*[z]CB5[6D。阿提姆据称是Kickass Torrents网站的所有人,他被指控有洗钱和侵犯版权的行为I(d#Yq[2N8NOa]pF。据称,阿提姆在过去的八年中,传播了价值10亿多美元的盗版音乐和电影c.qdRuJVxMoBRo。阿根廷的研究人员称,10多年前在巴塔哥尼亚发现的化石系1800万年前的一种食肉恐龙,该类恐龙此前并不为人所知+WjYf^~O0VHb[#。据称,此类恐龙身长2.5米,两只脚走路极快dEgV^S_hELX1Loh



  • defeatn. 败北,挫败 vt. 战胜,击败
  • unknownadj. 未知的,不出名的
  • complyvi. 顺从,遵照,答应
  • violencen. 暴力,猛烈,强暴,暴行
  • communicationn. 沟通,交流,通讯,传达,通信
  • defensen. 防卫,防卫物,辩护 vt. 防守
  • swiftadj. 快的,迅速的 n. 雨燕,线轴 Swift n
  • corruptadj. 腐败的,堕落的 vt. 使 ... 恶化,贿赂
  • threatn. 威胁,凶兆 vt. 威胁, 恐吓
  • violationn. 违反,违背,妨碍