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President Obama has denied that the United States has divided long racial lines following recent fatal shootings involving African Americans and police. He said it was not true the race relations had plummeted to the level of 1960s. We've seen police continuing to reach out to communities that they serve all across the country and showing credible professionalism as they are protecting protestors. We have seen activists and grass roots groups who have expressed concerns about police shootings but are also adamant in their support of the Dallas Police Department. Five white police officers were shot dead by a black man Micah Johnson during the protests in Dallas on Thursday. Johnson said he was provoked by the recent death of two African Americans are the hands of the police.
A Spanish professional bullfighter had been killed by a bull for the first time this century. Victor Barrio who was 29 was gored through the chest in front of spectators in Teruel in eastern Spain. James Ray reports. The momemt Victor Barrio met his death with sword kept in hand, was broadcast live on Spanish television. The bull tossed him in the air and then gored him repeatly as he lay on the ground. Doctors on the scene were unable to save him. Later, his body was taken to the mortuary in a procession. The people are crowding the street to solute their fallen hero. Critics of bull fighting say it as a cruel and brutal spectacle which should be banned. But to its many fans the ritual encounter of man and bull fighting to the death is a vital expression of Spanish culture.
NATO has reaffirmed its support for Ukraine announcing move to help reform its defence and security sectors. At the end of alliances summit in Warsaw the Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said an independent and stable Ukraine firmly commited to democracy and the rule of law was crucial to regional security. NATO also urge Russia to stop its political, military and financial support for separatist in eastern Ukraine. Our correspondent Lyse Doucet was at the summit.
The NATO alliance meets every two years and yet again this summit here in Warsaw was described as decisive and historical. Lots of focus was on putting the final details together of a new brigade, which was structured across NATO's eastern flank across three Baltic States as well as eastern Polland, three to four thousands troops being deployed in response to a Russian threat. NATO says that exists in response to Russia seizure of Cremia in 2014.
Two Russians have died after their military helicopter were shot down in Syria. The Russian state news agency TASS said the aircraft was hit by waht it called terrotist fire from the ground during clashes between Islamic State fighters and Syrian forces in the east of the city of Palmyra. It came down in an area held by the Syrian army. The latest death bring to 12 the total number of Russsian service personnel killed in the conflict in Syria. BBC news.
The Nigeria army says it killed 16 members of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram in a gun battle lasting several hours. A spokesman said fighting broke out when suicide bombers on motorcycles trying to enter an army base near the border with Cameroun. Two soldiers were also killed. Boko Haram's Seven-Year Insurgency has killed about 20,000 people.
The European Union has joined other international organizations in condemning the murder of an environmental activist in Honduras. Lesbia Yaneth Urquia was killed on Wednesday, a death comes four months after the shooting of the world winning environmentalist Bertha Caceres. Both women had spent years campaigning against a giant dam project in Honduras.
The governor of one of Venezuela's border states has said he will open the frontiers for 12 hours so local people can cross to Columbia to buy food. He said the move have been sanctioned by President Nicolas Maduro. On Tuesday, around 500 women forced their way through border control into Columbia, saying their families were going hungry because of Venezuela's economic crisis and food shortages.
About 1300 migrants had stranded in Serbia after neighboring Hungary deployed massive force of troops and police to seal the border. The number of migrants waiting to cross thoughts since Tuesday when Hungary began pushing people caught on its territory back into Serbia. Critics accuse Hungary of provoking a crisis before a referendum on October on whether to oppose EU quotas for relocating refugees.
And in Tennis, Serena Williams and her sister Venus won the women's double final in Wimbledon. It completed a remarkable day for Serina who earlier had won the singles final beating Angelique Kerber. The American player has now equaled the open air record of 22 grand slam single's titles set by Stefanie Graf. She was delighted at the result. It makes the victory even sweeter to know how hard I worked. Thank you guys we are now here to see number 22 this is awesome. I love you guys so much. Thank you very much. BBC news.




1.provoke v.刺激,引起


例句:He started beating me when I was about fifteen but I didn't do anything to provoke him.


2.deploy v.配备,调动


例句:So far, however, we have said nothing about how to deploy it.


3.racial adj.种族间的


例句:Racial tensions exploded into riots.


4.mortuary n.停尸间


例句:I think I left my riding crop in the mortuary.


5.brigade n.旅,一帮人

例句:The fire brigade should always be called out to a house fire.




1.We have seen activists and grass roots groups who have expressed concerns about police shootings but are also adamant in their support of the Dallas Police Department.


grass roots 草根阶层


例句:Mr Zuma had a solid reputation as a grass roots organiser.


例句:You have to join the party at grass-roots level.


2.Two Russians have died after their military helicopter were shot down in Syria.


shoot down 击落,断然否定,驳倒


例句:Shoot down all who want to escape!


例句:They claimed to have shot down one incoming missile