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  You need to inform your marketing team about a radio advertising campaign for one of your company's new products.
  Write an email to your team:
  * reminding tehm which new product it is
  * explaining why you've chosen to advertise on radio
  * saying what you expect the advertising campaign to achieve.
  Write 40-50 words.
  It is believed that everyone knows about our new product - TE 128, which will be launch ed recently. We will use radio advertising owing to our budget . I hope that the campaign will cover most of the cusomters we are having now and bring new ones.
  Dear All,
  Our new product advertising campain[1] for A02 auto-navigating instrument[2] is coming soon. As you know, radio is the most available for drivers. I believe we will make a gorgeous advertisement suitable for them.
  [1]这个名词结构太长了,另外主体不清楚啊。看清楚题目要求,先remind 大家一下,可以用很多表示提醒的结构。
  [2]英文中的"设备"有很多个词,这个词适合乐器,应该搭配musical instrument, 这个地方比较合适用facility 或者 equipment
  To: marketing team
  Fr: coco218
  Date: Dec. 15th,2008
  Subject:a radio advertising campaign for new products
  Dear teammate,
  A new mobile phone[1] will be the next NEW ARRIVAL.And it will be advertised on radio because of our short of money[2] .I hope our marketing team could make out an attactive advertisement and the sale would hit 20% of the market share[3].
  [1]这不对吧,你们公司原来不是做mobile phone 的?改为 new product 比较合适。
  [2]Shortage of money
  [3]画蛇添足,sale 就是可以冲击新高的,这和market share 有什么关系。
  To:All stuff
  Date:Dec.16th 2008
  Subject:a radio advertisement of our new products
  I want to inform you our radio campaign for the new medicine.I think[1] many elders often listen to the radio and they are the are[2] in most need of our products,also advertising on radio is much cheaper than on TV,we can have more profits[3] or bring down the price[4].
  Thank you.
  [2]改为the ones
  [3]Maximize the margins.
  To: Marketing team
  From: Alvin
  Subject: radio advertising campaign for inverter transformer
  Dear All,
  The inverter transformer[1], as a new product of our company, need an advertisment now. Taking the aim customers'[2] habit into consideration, we decide to advertise on radio. We expect to make people accept our new product and get sale amount of 5 million USD within the first two months.
  Best Regards!
  [2]这个叫target customer
  To: all salesmen
  From: Joe Lee, Marketing Manager
  Subject: launching an ad on radio
  I would like to inform all of you that I decide[1] to launch the advertisement of our new product of earphone on radio in that students are one of the major audience of radio and they are also our main consumers.[2]
  [1]改为:it is decided that.....

  • teammaten. 队友
  • maximizev. 取 ... 最大值,最佳化,对 ... 极为重视
  • availableadj. 可用的,可得到的,有用的,有效的
  • informv. 通知,告诉,向 ... 报告,告发
  • campaignn. 运动,活动,战役,竞选运动 v. 从事运动,参加竞
  • achievev. 完成,达到,实现
  • suitableadj. 合适的,适宜的 adv. 合适地,恰当地
  • instrumentn. 乐器,工具,仪器,器械
  • considerationn. 考虑,体贴,考虑因素,敬重,意见 n. 报酬
  • advertisev. 登广告,为 ... 做广告,宣传