BEC中级真题第1辑精听:Test3-Part Two(5)
日期:2019-11-01 14:19


As far as I can understand, she's come across some problems with the ownership of the land. The owners of part of the site can't find the relevant papers. She wants to check our insurance policies, too - you see, we may be able to claim if we have to postpone the move for legal reasons ... Oh, and there are some documents we've got to sign for her ... so we may need you as a witness.
I quite liked him, actually. He didn't ask as many questions as the one who came last time, but he was thorough. There were a few problems with the latest legal requirements regarding electrical equipment - leaving cables lying around with the plug in the socket, that sort of thing ... but nothing too serious ... There's no reason why we shouldn't get a reasonable report again.

  • understandvt. 理解,懂,听说,获悉,将 ... 理解为,认为
  • witnessn. 目击者,证人 vt. 目击,见证,出席,观察,经历
  • insurancen. 保险,保险费,安全措施
  • legaladj. 法律的,合法的,法定的
  • ownershipn. 所有权
  • relevantadj. 相关的,切题的,中肯的
  • claimn. 要求,要求权;主张,断言,声称;要求物 vt. 要
  • reasonableadj. 合理的,适度的,通情达理的
  • checkn. 检查,支票,账单,制止,阻止物,检验标准,方格图案
  • postponevt. 延期,推迟