BEC中级真题第1辑精听:Test2-Part Two(3)
日期:2019-09-19 08:55


I always end up saying too much, but I think you only get one chance to say it sometimes, so better too much than too little. What helps enormously is to be clever about how you use the OHP. Anything I put on the OHP has got to be simple and easy to read, so that it helps the listeners. Diagrams, especially, have to be large enough for the audience to see.
Good morning. I'm calling about your advertisement in Stationery News looking for overseas distributors. Could you send me some more details about this, as I'm very interested in this opportunity. My name is Sally Brown, and the address is ...
早上好。我打电话是想说有关您在Stationery News上登的寻找海外经销商的广告。您可以寄给我一些关于此事的细节吗,我对这个机会非常感兴趣。我叫萨利·布朗,地址是……