266 You've gone too far.是什么意思?
日期:2023-01-25 16:50


You've gone too far是什么意思?

情景会话1 同事Kevin开了不合时宜的玩笑

Kevin: I didn't expect him to be so sensitive. (我没想到他这么敏感呀。)

Zoey: You've gone too far this time.(你这次真是太过分了。)

情景会话2 我对弟弟的行为感到愤怒

Zoey: My brother teases me all the time, but he went too far when he started mocking my boyfriend.(我弟弟总是逗我,但他嘲笑我的男朋友,就太过分了。)

Christina: What did he say? (他说了什么?)