073 Are you with me?这句话的用法
日期:2022-04-29 16:50


这期节目我们来讲Are you with me?这句话的用法。

情景会话1 我在给小朋友Joe讲题

Zoey: Joe, are you with me? (Joe,你在听吗?)

Joe: Uh...Yes. (嗯,是的。)

情景会话2 同事Peter与我交接工作

Peter: So that's basically what you need to know about this project. Are you with me? (那这就是关于这个项目你应该知道的事了。听明白了吗?)

Zoey: Yeah, I think so. Could you please repeat the last step? (嗯,我觉得明白了。你能再说一遍最后一步吗?)