033 what for的用法
日期:2022-03-04 18:00


这期节目我们来学习What for这句话的用法。

情景会话1 在一辆大巴车上,警察上车搜查

Policeman: I need to have your name and address. (我得要一下你的名字和地址。)

Zoey: What for? What happened? (干嘛用啊?发生什么事情了?)

情景会话2 朋友Daniel突然说要去加拿大

Daniel: I am flying to Canada tomorrow. (我明天要飞加拿大。)

Zoey: What for? Something wrong with your parents again? (为什么啊?你爸妈又有什么情况了?)

情景会话3 我开车带女儿Emma回家

Zoey: We'll have to stop by the grocery store on the way home.(咱们得在回家路上去趟超市。)

Emma: What for? (干嘛去啊?)

Zoey: We need milk and eggs.(我们得买牛奶和鸡蛋。)