BBC环球慢速英语 第383期:触觉(4)
日期:2018-11-07 13:43



This was time to celebrate! The servants hurried to attend to their master. Midas's eyes grew wider and wider. The food looked wonderful! Mmmm what should he eat first? Maybe he should drink a little wine first. His servant poured the smooth red wine into a glass. He passed it to the King. But as the King lifted the glass to his mouth something happened. The wine turned to gold! King Midas was worried. He looked at the food. He reached out for a piece of the fine food in front of him. And - the same thing happened. The food turned to gold! Midas could not eat or drink! He tried again - and again. Finally only gold objects lay on the table before him. This was terrible! He must go and see Dionysus. He ran out of the house.



  • smoothadj. 平稳的,流畅的,安祥的,圆滑的,搅拌均匀的,可
  • celebratev. 庆祝,庆贺,颂扬