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Lesson 35

Section 1

A.Tastes in Common.

I can't stand places like Majorca or the Costa Brava.

No, nor can I.

You know, where you have to share the beach with thousands of other people and everyone speaks English.

Oh, I don't mind that.

Oh, I do. I never go to places like that. I like to get right away from all the tourists, go somewhere that's really quiet and peaceful, like an island or something.

Yes, so do I—where no one speaks English.

What's wrong with people speaking English? I like meeting people when I'm on holiday. I like places with agood night life, and plenty of men around, and ... well, you know, where you can have a good time ...
B.Monologue. I remember sailing on a pond that used to be by my grandfather's sawmill—we had a boat, and we used to go sailing on this.

Also, we used to do a lot of climbing trees. We used to climb these trees for apples, which we then ate and made ourselves very sick. And my mother would come along and complain very strongly, but I don't think that stopped us at all.

And of course in those days I had a bike, too, and I remember I used to push it up this very long hill near our house and then I'd get on and ride down as fast as I could go. My mother used to complain about that, too.

Section 2

A Recipe.

Hello. What's all this then, Harry?

What's all what? I'm making a cake.

Yes. We can see what you're up to. Obviously you're making a cake. What else would you be doing with a cake tin and a rolling pin on the table and the place absolutely covered in flour. Yes, we can see what you're doing. But why are you doing it?

Yes, it's rather unlike you, Harry.

Well, I just decided I'd try and make one for a change instead of buying one. Anyway this is going to be a rather special sort of cake. You can't buy them like this. And while you're here, Doris, do you mind beating up half a dozen eggs in that blue bowl over there?

You'll find a fork and egg whisk, whichever you prefer, in the drawer on the left.

OK. I don't mind. But what's so special about this cake?

It's a surprise cake.

A surprise cake?

Yes. Doris, don't forget to add five tablespoons of sugar.

No, dear. But tell us about this surprise cake.

Well, it was an idea I had while I was lying in bed last night.

Do you usually think of food in bed?

I wasn't thinking of food. I decided to have a party for some old friends of mine, but I want to give thema surprise.

What kind of surprise?

Can you add a half of a pint of cream to that, Doris? That's right, drip it in slowly and then beat it up again until it becomes all sticky. That's the way.

I have made a cake before, you know. Now, come on, what's the surprise?

Well, it's quite simple, really. You see I serve the cake with candles on it. Then I switch out the lightsand I slip out of the room. But before this I tell them that they must count to twenty before trying to blow out the candles and they'll get a surprise.

And then? (Explosion effect)


Listen! I'm terribly sorry I'm late.

Oh, that's all right. It doesn't really matter, does it? I haven't got anything better to do, have I?

Just let me explain, will you?

I've only been waiting for over an hour, that's all.

Yes, I know, and I would have got ...

After all, my time isn't really that important, is it?

Please don't be like that. Just let me explain. I ... I tried to get here in time but just after I left home, the car broke down.

The car broke down?

Yes, and ... well... luckily ... there was a garage near me. And ... and it took them a while to repair it.

Why didn't you at least phone?

I would have! But I didn't know the number of the restaurant.

You could have looked it up in the telephone book!

Yes, but ... you'll never believe this ... I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant. I knew where itwas, but forgot the name.

I see. Well, at least it was lucky you found a garage to repair your car.

Yes. It was something I couldn't do myself. It didn't take too long, but that's why I'm late, you see.
Hu huh. Which garage, by the way?


Which garage did you take it to?

Uh ... the one near my flat. You know. Lewis Brothers.

Yes, I know that garage. It's the only one near your flat.

Hmm. Well now, let's have something to eat. Uh, what about some ...

I know the garage very well!

Yes. Let's see now. Yes, I think I'll have some ...

A pity it's Sunday.


A pity it's Sunday. That garage is closed on Sunday!