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d.Violence in Sport.

Three people are giving their opinions about boxing.

When I look at a picture like this I feel ... hmm ... I feel ... I'm not really sure how I feel.

Disgusted perhaps? Horrified?

No, no, I wouldn't say that.

Are you excited, perhaps?

Excited? No, no, not at all. What's there to be excited about?

Well, a lot of people who go to boxing matches seem to be excited.

Yes, I know. But I really can't understand why anybody should do that sort of thing at all.

What? Go to a boxing match? Or box in one?

No, the first. I ... I think ... well... it's hard to understand why people should want to earn their living by fighting, but I think I can. I mean, it's the money, isn't it? No, I meant going to a thing like that and watching it. I ... I just can't understand it. That's all.

Well, before ... I used to be disgusted by the idea of this sort of thing. Men fighting for money. Blood. All that sort of thing.

And now?

Well, since I've started going to a few boxing matches with my boyfriend, I think I see something ... something else in it.


Well... perhaps you'll be surprised when I say this ... but I think there's a real element of skill. Yes. Skill.

What kind of skill?

Physical skill. Those men are really ... fit. And if you watch two good boxers ... boxers who know what they're doing ... you can see the skill. The way they ... they ... the way they watch each other and wait for an opening. That sort of thing. It's quite exciting, really. A bit like ... a chess game. Yes.

To me it's just disgusting. A brutal, disgusting spectacle. It ought to be banned. It sickens me ... the very thought of it sickens me.

e.Films. Well, what did you think of the film, Margaret?

Oh, I enjoyed it actually. But I do like musicals and I think Julie Andrews is wonderful.

Lovely voice. Oh, beautiful. And a lovely face.

Oh, she's very very attractive.

I can't think why so many people criticize her.

Oh well, a lot of people do, but I think it's a snob thing with a lot of people.

I've always enjoyed her films. Very well produced, too.

Oh, excellent, yes.

Those lovely scenes in the Alps.

Yes, where she was doing that number where she was dancing on the hills.

Mm, and that scene in the school. It brought tears to my eyes. What about next week then?

Yes, what are we going to see next week? Do you know what's on? I haven't looked at the local paper to seewhat's on next week.

Well, I'd better give you a ring about it.

All right. I hope there's another musical on.

Well, I believe there's Guys and Dolls on, if I remember well.

Really? Are they bringing that back again?

I believe so. But it's on at the Odeon, on the other side of town, so it would involve quite a bit of travelling.

Oh, yes, but I'd go anywhere to see Frank Sinatra.

I'd forgotten he was in it, so he is. Well, let's try and see that if we can.

I have seen it before, of course, but they're always bringing it back.

What do you say, shall we meet for tea and then take in a matinee?

Yes, that's a good idea. Where shall I meet you?

Now what about the Odeon cafe. Four o'clock?

Fine. Which day?


No, I can't make it Tuesday. How about Thursday?

Yes, Thursday is all right. My husband likes to go off to his club on Thursday.

So Thursday, four o'clock, have tea and then go and see Guys and Dolls. Well, that'll be nice because I dolike Frank Sinatra. So I'll see you on Thursday. I have to be off now. Goodbye.


Section 3 a.Boat Trip.

Angela Rogers is describing a boat trip which she took with her husband down the Nile.

It was the summer of last year when we went. It was a special package holiday which included three days inCairo, and a week cruising down the Nile. It sounded lovely in the brochure. Relaxing, luxurious, delicious food—all the usual things. And the boat looked nice in the picture. In fact when we got there, and on the boat, it was exactly the opposite of luxurious. It was positively uncomfortable.

It was too small to be comfortable. And too hot. The only air-conditioning was from the wind, and inside, in the cabins, it was too hot to sleep, and the dining room was stifling.

My husband and I paid the special rate for the best cabin. I'm glad we didn't have to stay in the worst one. The cabins were very poorly equipped; there wasn't even a mirror, or a socket for a hair drier, or evena point for the electric razor. There was a shower, but the water pressure wasn't high enough to use it. The cabin was badly designed as well. There wasn't enough room to move. The beds took up three quarters of the space.

The brochure also talked about the mouth-watering French cuisine available on board, but you could hardly call it food. It was boring, and practically inedible. There was nothing to do, really. There was a table-tennis table, but one bat was broken. In the daytime the decks were so crowded, there wasn't even enough room to sit. We did stop now and then for a swim, but who wants to swim in that filthy river? I certainly didn't.