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Session 3

A Tour of the Airport.

This lift is taking us to departures on the first floor.

We are now in departures. Arrivals and departures are carefully separated, as you have seen. Just to the left here we find a 24-hour banking service, and one of three skyshops on this floor—there are two in the departure lounge. And here, as you can see, you can buy newspapers, magazines, confectionery, souvenirs and books.

If you will turn around now and look in front of you, you can see the seventy-two check-in desks, sixty-four of which are for British Airways. The airline desks, for enquiries, are next to the entrances on the far left and far right, and straight ahead is the entrance to the departure lounge and passport control. Shall we go airside?

We have now cleared passport control and security, and you can see that security is very tight indeed. Youare about to enter a departure lounge which is a quarter of a mile in length. But don't worry. There are moving walkways the length of the building, so you don't have to put on your hiking boots.

Straight ahead of you is a painting by Brendan Neiland. As you can see it is a painting of Terminal 4 and it measures twenty feet by eight feet. On the other side of it are the airline information desks. Let's walk around to those. Now, if you face the windows you can see the duty-free shops. There is one on your left and one on your right.

They have been decorated to a very high standard, to make you feel like you are shopping in London's most exclusive shops. The duty-free shops sell the usual things but they also have outlets for fine wines and quality cigars.

If we turn to the right and walk along in front of the duty-free shops, we will come to a buffet and bar opposite. You see, this one is called the Fourth Man Inn—all the bars, restaurants and cafeterias have names including the number four and many of them have jokey signboards like this one, to brighten up a traveller's day.

If we turn left out of here and go back along the concourse, we come to the plan-ahead insurance desk, on the far side of the first duty-free shop, with public telephones alongside. Notice that here we can see what is going on outside, through the windows. Opposite the insurance desk, next to the other duty-free shop, is the international telephone bureau.

Let's just go across there. Across from this duty-free shop is an area just like the one we have just seen, with a buffet, bar and skyshops, and now let's go along the moving walkway to the gates, shall we?

B.Lost Handbag

Excuse me,

Yes, madam?

Can you help me. Please, look, I'm desperate. Are you responsible for lost property?

Yes, I am.

Well, I've got something to report.

What is it you've lost?

I've lost my handbag.

Your handbag?

Well, it's terrible. I don't know what to do.

Where did you lose your handbag, madam?

On the train, on the train. Look, we've got to stop the train.

Which train?

I've just come off the tube, this last train, in from Paddington.

Yes, the last train tonight. There isn't another one.

On the circle line, on the circle line.

Yes, yes.

Oh, it's terrible. We haven't got much time, I mean I have got so many valuable things in that bag.

Will you ... will you please explain ...

I was asleep on the train. I must have dropped off. I woke up, almost missed my station, so I rushed off the train and then I realized my handbag was still on it.

Yes? By that time the doors were shut and it was too late.

So your handbag is still on the train.

It's on the train travelling ...

Yes. All right. All right, just a moment. Now, can I have your name and address?

Well, look the thing I've got to tell you is that there's money in that handbag.

Yes, we realize this, madam. We need your name and address first.

OK. My name's Mary Jones.

Mary Jones. Address?

16 ...

16 ...

Craven Road.

Craven Road. That's C-R-A-V-E-N?


Now, can you tell me exactly what was in the handbag?

Well, there was money ...

How much?

Nearly 30 Pounds

So, thirty pounds, driving licence, yes ...

I had my keys, and I had the office keys, they'll kill me when I go to work tomorrow, and I'd just been to the travel agent, I had my ticket to Athens ...

Just ... just one moment. House and office keys, ticket to Athens.

Yes, hurry please. You've got to phone the next station...

Yes, all right, just a moment. Anything else?

I had my season ticket.

Your season ticket for travelling on the tube.

And a very expensive bottle of perfume, and ... and ... and I had a ...

Yes, well, I'll get the guard to look in ... the train ...