英语PK台(MP3+文本) 第661期:150年一遇的超级蓝血月就在今晚
日期:2018-02-02 07:03


Dialogue 1

Jingjing and Mark are having lunch together.
Jingjing: Mark, how are things in your corner?
Mark: Well, most of my work is finished, and I'm just about ready for the holiday to begin. What about you?
Jingjing: I wish I could say the same, but I'm still pretty busy for these next two or three weeks.
Mark: Well, if you have the chance to get outside this evening, you'll see something really special.
Jingjing: Oh yeah? What's that?
Mark: There's a super blue blood moon tonight.
Jingjing: That's a mouthful! I know a blue moon is when we get a second full moon in one month.
Mark: Yeah, those are pretty rare. That's why we say 'once in a blue moon' to talk about something that very seldom happens.
马克:是的,非常罕见了。这就是为什么我们有个说法叫做“'once in a blue moon'”就是形容罕有发生之事。
Jingjing: I know. A blue moon happens once every 2.72 years. Isn't a super moon when the moon is closer to Earth and looks a lot larger?
Mark: That's exactly right. Last year, we had a big one, and previously in 1948. The next one won't be until 2034.
Jingjing: But tonight the moon will be close enough to be called a super moon, right?
Mark: That's what I read on the NASA website. What about a blood moon? Do you know that one?
Jingjing: It's when the moon looks red in the sky. Could you remind me what causes it?
Mark: Earth's shadow changes the light on the moon, making it look red.
Jingjing: Oh, like an eclipse, right?
Mark: Yeah, only it might not be seen to go totally dark.

New words: 习语短语

I wish I could say the same. (羡慕地说)好希望我也可以如此这般……
My situation is different from yours, not as good. I'm envious.
a blue moon 蓝月
when the moon is full a second time in one month
once in a blue moon 罕有地发生
something happens very seldom
super moon 超级月亮
when the moon's orbit brings it closer to Earth, so that it looks big in the sky
a blood moon 血月
when Earth's shadow makes the moon appear red in the sky
an eclipse 日,月食
when the light from the sun or the moon is momentarily blocked from reaching the Earth (solar eclipse, lunar eclipse)


Dialogue 2

Jingjing: Hey, I've been too busy to look up anything about the super blue blood moon. When can we see it?
Mark: Well, we're really lucky. The best time is at 6:30 this evening. The sun sets at 5:30; so, it should already be dark.
马克:我们非常幸运。最佳时间是今晚六点半. 日落是五点半,所以,那会儿应该足够黑了。
Jingjing: That's fortunate.
Mark: Not only that. The best visibility is right where we are. People farther east or west aren't going to get such a direct view.
马克:不仅如此,我们在之处有最好的能见度. 住在更东部或者更西部地方的人们都无法拥有如此之好的视野。
Jingjing: Hmm. I'll try to get out of doors after six this evening. Hopefully I can find a spot that doesn't have so much of our city lights getting in the way.
Mark: Yeah, that could be a challenge around rush hour. Anyway, I hope you can see it. Can you guess how often we get a super blue blood moon?
Jingjing: You're the one who read about it. Just tell me.
Mark: It happens once every 150 years.
Jingjing: Ah, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Mark: Yeah, the article I read called it a lunar trifecta.
Jingjing: Well, I'll have to pop outside, even if I'm still working. Where are you planning to go see it?
京晶:那,我必须去出去看了,即使上班也得去. 你打算去哪儿看呢?
Mark: I might shoot out to the suburbs. Just like we were talking two weeks ago, Beijing's subways can take me there in a jiffy.
Jingjing: OK. Take some pictures, will you?
Mark: Sure thing. I brought my camera.

New words: 习语短语

visibility 能见度
how well something can be seen, the conditions for seeing something
get out of doors 出去,到户外
go outside, when someone usually spends time indoors
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 一生一次的机会
a chance to do something that is very uncommon
trifecta 极其罕见的三件事同时发生
three things happening at once, extremely rare
pop outside 在户外短暂停留
go outside for a short time
shoot out to 迅速去一个距离遥远的地方并作短暂停留
go to a somewhat distant place quickly and for a short time