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“Forty-two is the number Deep Thought gave as being the Ultimate Answer.”
And the Earth is the computer Deep Thought designed and built to calculate the Question to the Ultimate Answer.”
“So we are led to believe.”
“And organic life was part of the computer matrix.”
“If you say so.”
“I do say so. That means that these natives, these apemen are an integral part of the computer program, and that we and the Golgafrinchans are not.”
“But the cavemen are dying out and the Golgafrinchans are obviously set to replace them.”
“Exactly. So do you see what this means?”
“Cock up,” said Ford Prefect.
Arthur looked around him.
“This planet is having a pretty bloody time of it,” he said.
Ford puzzled for a moment.
“Still, something must have come out of it,” he said at last, “because Marvin said he could see the Question printed in your brain wave patterns.”
“Probably the wrong one, or a distortion of the right one. It might give us a clue though if we could find it. I don’t see how we can though.”
They moped about for a bit. Arthur sat on the ground and started pulling up bits of grass, but found that it wasn’t an occupation he could get deeply engrossed in. It wasn’t grass he could believe in, the trees seemed pointless, the rolling hills seemed to be rolling to nowhere and the future seemed just a tunnel to be crawled through.
Ford fiddled with his Sub-Etha Sens-O-Matic. It was silent. He sighed and put it away.
Arthur picked up one of the letter stones from his home-made Scrabble set. It was a T. He sighed and out it down again. The letter he put down next to it was an I. That spelt IT. He tossed another couple of letters next to them They were an S and an H as it happened. By a curious coincidence the resulting word perfectly expressed the way Arthur was feeling about things just then. He stared at it for a moment. He hadn’t done it deliberately, it was just a random chance. His brain got slowly into first gear.
“Ford,” he said suddenly, “look, if that Question is printed in my brain wave patterns but I’m not consciously aware of it it must be somewhere in my unconscious.”
“Yes, I suppose so.”
“There might be a way of bringing that unconscious pattern forward.”
“Oh yes?”



道格拉斯·亚当斯(Douglas Noël Adams,1952年3月11日-2001年5月11日)是一位英国广播剧作家、和音乐家,尤其以《银河系漫游指南》系列作品出名。亚当斯自称为“极端无神论者”。在去世以前,他是一位非常受欢迎的演讲者,尤其是在科技和环保等题材方面。他在49岁时的早逝在科幻和奇幻社群中引起了极大的哀悼。

  • planetn. 行星
  • curiousadj. 好奇的,奇特的
  • distortionn. 扭曲,变形,曲解
  • gearn. 齿轮,传动装置,设备,工具 v. 使适应于,以齿轮
  • occupationn. 职业,侵占,居住
  • deliberatelyadv. 慎重地,故意地
  • engrossedadj. 全神贯注的;专心致志的 v. 全神贯注(eng
  • integraladj. 构成整体所必需的,完整的 n. [数学] 积分
  • puzzledadj. 困惑的;搞糊涂的;茫然的
  • patternn. 图案,式样,典范,模式,型 v. 以图案装饰,仿造