可可翻译小讲堂 第16期:全新的iOS7
日期:2013-06-20 18:43


Brand New iOS 7


brand new全新的;崭新的

Apple has officially taken the wraps off of iOS 7 at its Worldwide Developer Conference last week.iOS 7 is the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system that debuted back in 2007 on the original iPhone. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, iOS 7 is the biggest change to the platform since the iPhone was introduced five years ago. The new design is evident in everything from sharper, flatter icons, slimmer fonts, a new slide-to-unlock function, and a new control panel that slides up from the bottom of the screen for frequently accessed settings. The stock apps have all been redesigned — including a major revamp of the weather app with new animations.


take the wraps off unveil:揭露;揭示

eg:Google had taken the wraps off their new product Google Glass

Worldwide Developer Conference:WWDC 苹果全球开发者大会 debut:初次登台 eg:She made her debut in a 1937 production of "Hamlet."她在1937年《哈姆雷特》的演出中首次登台。

revamp :修改; 改进 eg:All the country's political parties have accepted that it is time to revamp the system.


Apple's head of design Jony Ive notes that the new icons feature a new palette of colors — gone are the bold, primary colors of old, replaced by modern shades and tones. Flat design is very prominent in iOS 7 — everything from the buttons to the switches to the chrome surrounding apps has been modernized and flattened. Apple says that the new design makes your phone "appear bigger" because each app makes better use of the screen real-estate available to it. The calendar, phone, messages, Game Center, and others have all lost their skeuomorphic designs and now feature clean, flat layouts. The signal bars in the upper left corner of the phone have also been replaced with a series of dots.


head of design:首席设计师;设计总监


1.If you note a fact, you become aware of it. 注意到 eg:Suddenly, I noted that the rain had stopped. 突然,我注意到雨已经停了

2.If you note something, you mention it in order to draw people's attention to it. 提到;指出 The report notes that the tasks are still arduous.报告指出,任务依然艰巨

gone are XX :什么东西一去不复返了 eg:gone are the days of xx:XX样的日子已经一去不复返了。 primary color:原色

make better use of :更好运用\利用 eg:I can make better use of my time 我能更好地利用时间。 real-estate:地产 在文章中把屏幕空间的宝贵比作成房产,十分生动。



1. 面貌的一部分(如眼、鼻、口等) 2. 脸容;脸型 3. [复数]面貌,相貌,容貌 4. (事物的)特征;特色,特点 5. [美国英语](表演中的)吸引力;(销售中的)吸引物,号召物 6. [美国英语](报纸、杂志等上面的)特写文章,特辑( = feature story) 7. [美国英语] (电影的)正片,长片;故事片[亦作feature film](广播的)专题节目,专题报道 8. 电脑病毒 9. 任何显眼的或特别强调的东西10. [古语](人或物的)形状,外观,外形,体形的美


1. 是…的特色,是…的特征:Round-the-clock service features this store.日夜服务是这家商店的特色。2. 使突出;作…的特征,以…为特色: a lathe featuring a new electonic control device 一台具有新型电动控制装置的车床 3. 特写;(书刊)特载;(电影)由…主演;以…为号召物: a film that features famous actors由大明星们主演的电影 The magazine is featuring his articles.这杂志正在特载他的文章。4. 描绘(或表现)…的容貌,展出 5. [口语]想像;设想: Can you feature wearing a necktie here? 在这样的地方打着领带你能想像吗?6. [方言]看来像,与…容貌相似: We find the mother featured in the son.我们发现此儿酷似其母。All the brothers feature their father.所有兄弟的相貌都与他们的父亲相似。7.[美国英语]起重要作用;作为主要角色,主演: The latest popular actress is featured in this new film.


  • flatterv. 阿谀奉承,取悦,炫耀 n. 平整工具
  • controln. 克制,控制,管制,操作装置 vt. 控制,掌管,支
  • conferencen. 会议,会谈,讨论会,协商会
  • stockn. 存货,储备; 树干; 血统; 股份; 家畜 adj
  • devicen. 装置,设计,策略,设备
  • platformn. 平台,站台,月台,讲台,(政党的)政纲
  • debutn. 初次登场,首次露面 v. 初次登场
  • signaln. 信号,标志 v. (发信号)通知、表示 adj.
  • primaryadj. 主要的,初期的,根本的,初等教育的 n. 最主
  • boldadj. 大胆的,粗体的,醒目的,无礼的,陡峭的